3. Provenance


Company: Provenance

Website: https://www.provenance.org/

Founder: Jessi Baker




About Provenance

Provenance is the software solution for sustainability communications. Their technology enables brands to communicate social and environmental impact with shoppers online and in-store in a credible way, connecting claims to supply chain data and third-party proof. By doing so, Provenance enables shoppers to drive progress through what they buy whilst also generating rewards for those brands making a positive impact on people and the planet. As a registered social enterprise and a proud B Corp, Provenance exists to drive positive change through transparency.

Provenance technology offers brands a number of ways to engage shoppers with the origin and impact of products, through various publishing modules. Brands can showcase information about suppliers and sourcing through Network Maps, share details of the full supply chain with Product Journeys, and bring their sustainability strategy to life with Product Stories. 

Besides e-commerce and off-pack channels, Provenance-powered content can be embedded within responsible sourcing webpages, and also gives brand teams the confidence to communicate on social and environmental impact at a broader campaign level. 

A growing number of consumer goods brands are marketing their products as ‘green’ to meet growing customer expectations for sustainable production. But with as many as 40% of claims deemed as greenwashing, it’s crucial that brands make credible claims, clearly supported by evidence from their supply chains.

As well as lacking substantiation, eco claims are often confusing to shoppers. After all, sustainability data doesn’t lend itself easily to simple marketing messaging. It’s technical and complex, and for that reason it tends to stay trapped in B2B systems and annual CSR reports. Provenance’s technology helps brands unlock this information, translating it into shopper-friendly, proof-backed communications which drive brand value.

Provenance enables brands to publish credible sustainability claims via interactive ‘Proof Points’. Proof Points translate data from traceability tools, auditors and verifiers in the supply chain into shopper-facing impact claims which appear on e-commerce pages or in off-pack experiences as interactive icons. Shoppers can click through Proof Points to see comprehensive, credible information about social and environmental impact.