4. Roots & Hoots

Company: Roots & Hoots

Website: https://rootsandhoots.com/

Founders: Shiv Misra & Ram Krishnan




About Roots & Hoots

Roots & Hoots delivers plastic free groceries and products straight to your door via eco-friendly electric vans and looks to eliminate waste through an exciting new closed loop system concept, utilising reusable packaging and refillable products.

We’re all wrapped up in this plastic problem. Our homes are swimming in plastic, and this problem is spilling into our oceans and even our drinking water. It’s getting into our food, our drinks and it’s now even appearing in unborn foetuses.

This inspired the ​Roots & Hoots ​philosophy: accessible and affordable ways to cut out the plastic, lessen your impact and even live a waste free lifestyle.

Once an order is placed through the Roots & Hoots, the products are packed in durable and reusable plastic-free packaging: oats in quality cotton bags, shampoo in glass bottles, spices in metal tins or bath salts in jars. These products are then loaded onto an emission-free electric van and delivered right to our customer’s doorstep.

Once customers have decanted or used up the products, they can order again or schedule a convenient time and Roots & Hoots will swing by to say hello and pick up the containers. Containers are then thoroughly cleaned (using eco-friendly sanitising agents) ready for your next order. This creates the closed loop; a zero-waste and packaging free alternative shopping experience with no waste.

Roots & Hoots’ ​small close-knit team of specialists bring with them a range of skills – from business sustainability and waste reduction to plant-based media and e-commerce​. Armed with the tools and the know-how to provide a meaningful and impactful service, they aim to create a real change in the plastic-ridden lifestyles of anyone who wants to lessen their impact. Furthermore, as an ​official sponsor of Big Blue Ocean Cleanup​, an international network of beach cleaning and education programmes, Roots & Hoots strives to make a difference far beyond their own business and customers.

There are quite a few physical zero waste shop across the country, but none online. Hence why Roots & Hoots started working on this model. However, just before they launched, Tesco (through Loop) and Able and Cole came to the market, taking away the title of the UKs first ever online zero waste shop. Roots & Hoots launched during the pandemic in Nov 2020.