31. Twig

Company: Twig

Website: https://twigcard.com/

Founder: Geri Cupi


About Twig

Twig is the first financial services company in the UK to offer a carbon offset program as part of its banking services, making it easier to track one’s contribution to the circular economy. The move supports its mission to make it easier for the app users to offset their carbon footprint and reduce the number of things ending up in a landfill, in line with Twig’s founding principles rooted in circular economy.

Twig carbon offsetting allows its customers to compensate for the carbon dioxide emissions of their entire lifestyle by aiding the funding of projects that reduce or eliminate emissions. To offset their carbon footprint, they simply purchase carbon credits through a Twig carbon offset monthly subscription at £4.99/month. The emissions are calculated based on the UK individual carbon footprint.

Those that sign up will have access to a carbon offset passport which will give them details of the offsetting programs they are supporting as well as real time figures that highlight the impact of their contributions.

Twig uses the funds generated by the subscription service to invest in independently accredited projects that reduce or eliminate carbon emissions. These are verified by the Gold Standard or the Verified Carbon Standard and the projects the brand supports may vary with time, as the team continuously aims to provide items that best tackle aspects of the user’s carbon footprint.

Our mission is to facilitate sustainable living. We’re living in a climate emergency and consumers are willing to act, but brands and business’ need to make it as easy as possible for them. We are empowering consumers to become carbon neutral with just two taps for £4.99/month.” says Geri Cupi, Twig’s Founder & CEO.