32. Rowan Rewards

Company: Rowan Rewards

Website: https://rowanrewards.com/


About Rowan Rewards

Rowan Rewards is the world’s first community fed green energy company that gives its customers reward points for the energy produced by their roof top solar panels. It aims to make renewable energy just as valuable to its producers as it is for the environment.

Since the end of the government scheme in 2019, there has been no financial incentive to adapt to solar technology. If we want to be carbon-zero by 2050, then action needs to be taken, and fast. Rowan Rewards is aiming to change the approach to eco-friendly energy, with a simple concept: profiting from going solar.

At present, 5.5p per is the maximum that solar panel users can earn for their electricity produced on their roofs. Depending on the solar supplier and energy provider, it could take up to thirty years to get a return on investment, which is actually longer than one set of panels are expected to last. With Rowan Rewards, you could bring this time down to less than 5 years. This is because Rowan allocates additional rewards, which equate to payment, not just what is fed onto the grid. This means that customers could enjoy returns of up to 15.5p per kWh with the capacity for this figure to grow in the future.

Through the Rowan Rewards smart miner, homeowners can sit back and relax whilst the miner counts the energy produced by the solar panels. This logs when, where, and how much energy has been generated. The figures are then fed back to the custom built, low carbon blockchain and validated into rewards. The more energy produced; the more rewards are available on the user-friendly interface.

For every 1 KWh produced by a homeowners’ solar powered set up, Rowan Rewards will pay 10 points – equivalent to 10 pence – in rewards, simply for choosing them to monitor their energy consumption. For every 1000 points on your account, you can cash out £1 via PayPal or your Rowan Rewards card to spend exactly as you like. From your weekly shop, to a little extra for the holiday pot, it’s the highest eco-energy rewards system on offer.

The smart device is completely non-intrusive and can be added to current solar installations or added to a purchased solar package. Simply connecting to Wi-Fi, it fits behind the existing meter, counting energy produced by solar panels, whilst rewarding its owners with points that are accessible via a user-friendly interface either on a desktop or mobile app. The system guarantees accuracy and financial benefit. Furthermore, customers don’t have to worry about switching their current energy supplier when joining and the scheme does not affect any agreed feed-in programme.