34. EEVEE Mobility

Company: EEVEE Mobility

Website: https://eeveemobility.com/

CEO: Steffen Brans


About EEVEE Mobility

People know how much it cost to fill up their petrol cars, so why don’t they really know how much it really costs you to charge their electric vehicles?

While it’s cheaper to fill your car up with electricity rather than petrol, the increasing number of charge solutions, cards and rates makes it hard for EV owners to keep track of exactly how much they are spending.

Belgian based start-up offers a new digital service designed to make electric vehicle charging more transparent, efficient and cheaper. Developed by leading app developer Appwise, EEVEE’s online service and app gives electric vehicles owners full visibility on how much it really costs to charge-up.

It also acts as a digital fuel card for company EV drivers, giving users the chance to accurately claim back home charging costs for business use – and it links directly to many accounting and fleet management systems too.

The app is available on and and provides EV owners them with real-time information on consumption, cost and charging efficiency, all without any extra hardware. It has already been providing an invaluable service to Tesla owners in 47 countries for over two years, with a rapid rollout of more compatible models from different brands underway.

Users retain full control over their data and the company employs the most robust security mechanisms and is fully GDPR compliant. The automotive industry is set to change more over the next 10 years than it has in the last 100 and greater transparency around public charging is a trigger to getting mass adoption as the world transitions towards an electrified future.

The company’s mission is to help build a zero-emissions future by accelerating EV adoption through its ecosystem of digital products and services.