35. Greencore Construction


Company: Greencore Construction

Website: https://www.greencoreconstruction.co.uk/

MD: Ian Pritchett


About Greencore Construction

Greencore Construction designs and builds high-performance, healthy, low carbon homes for developers, land-owners and selfbuilders in Oxfordshire. Despite the global Covid 19 pandemic, 2020 has been a significant year for Greencore. They have finished the final houses in the 15 home scheme at Kings Farm Close, Longcot and have completed the first 12 homes on the Springfield Meadows project. They expect the final 13 Springfield homes to be completed during 2021.

During the last year, construction of their first Climate Positive houses has begun and the approach taken by Greencore has been recognised by the media as well as local and national politicians. The houses were designed to deliver Passivhaus levels of thermal performance, giving low running costs to the new owners.

As well as achieving Passivhaus performance, the Biond Building System also allows the houses to have a near zero-carbon footprint. This is because the Biond panels use structural timber, Hemp-Lime and natural fibre insulation. All these materials lock up carbon in order to offset the emissions from the higher energy materials. This project used gas fired condensing boilers to provide the under-floor heating and hot water.

This was alongside Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) and exceptional levels of air-tightness to give industry leading levels of thermal performance. In fact, the best air-tightness test result achieved at Longcot was 10 times better than the Passivhaus standard and 166 times better than the current building regulations. This project was awarded One Planet Living, National Leadership status by leading sustainability charity, Bioregional.