36. Much Better Adventures

Company: Much Better Adventures

Website: https://www.muchbetteradventures.com/

CEO: Alex Narracott


much better adventures


About Much Better Adventures

Much Better Adventures was founded with the goal of building a global travel company that could play a significant role in the fight to protect the world’s wild places. Seeking to build the market-leading brand in adventure travel, the company offers 160+ adventure holidays in 49 countries with 5% of revenues supporting conservation and reforestation projects.

Much Better Adventures was the first international travel company to declare carbon labels to all trips, openly sharing their methodology for others in the industry to use. The company also co-founded the Tourism Declares movement to bring organisations, companies and professionals together to plan a better future for tourism.

Their full-service proprietary in-house platform automates the entire booking flow for both customers and hosts – replacing the traditional tour operator or agency with a more cost-efficient and scalable model. The adventure holidays market is generally very fragmented and ‘offline’, but Much Better Adventurers can enjoy instant online booking of exclusive itineraries with live availability whilst hosts have a 100% automated booking system.

They measure and report on their carbon footprint annually and have a transparent carbon reduction plan in place. 5% of their revenues (not profits) go in to their Foundation, primarily focused on conservation, re-forestation and rewilding projects chosen for their potential to remove at least 2x more carbon from the atmosphere than enter it as a result of our trips.

Some of their biggest long term impacts come from the model and trips themselves. By working with 100% locally owned, independent businesses, their platform model ensures of every $100 spent, $80 on average goes into the local economy.