36. Hoopsy

Company: Hoopsy

Founder: Lara Solomon

Website: https://hoopsy.com


About Hoopsy

Hoopsy is on a mission to reduce the amount of plastic going into landfill from home testing kits, starting with the pregnancy test.

In 2021 Lara (founder) underwent IVF in an attempt to get pregnant, in doing so she realised just how many pregnancy tests women were using (on average each woman uses 3 tests every time they test), and how much plastic was going into landfill from these tests. Currently, the most sustainable pregnancy test is the strip test, however, users need to wee into a cup and dip the test in, and 95% of women prefer to use a midstream test which has a hard plastic case. Shocked by this Lara decided to do something.

In the UK alone 12.5 million pregnancy tests are sold every year, which equates to about 120,000kgs of plastic going into landfill, the problem is huge.

In July 2022 Hoopsy launched its midstream Eco Pregnancy test, a test with over 99% accuracy (the same as the market leaders), 99% plastic-free made from 99% paper. We are now selling in physical pharmacy chains in the UK and online pharmacy and eco stores, and plan to launch in Europe in August 2023.

We filed a patent in February 2023 for a new test designed to improve the user experience, as we found that many women don’t use the test correctly and therefore don’t get the correct results. We also plan to change the test materials to make the test from 100% sustainable materials so that it is flushable.

In September 2023 we plan to launch the eco ovulation test followed by a range of other urine-based tests such as vitamin D, chlamydia and diabetes.

We also want to support women on their fertility journey as it can be very lonely and hard both financially and emotionally. We are doing this through our free online fertility community launched in February 2023.


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