Company: SATAVIA

Founder: Adam Durant

Website: http://satavia.com



SATAVIA is an industry-leading green aerospace startup with a mission to cut up to 2% of all human climate impacts by enabling aircraft contrail prevention in commercial aviation. We work with leading operators like Etihad and KLM to implement contrail management in day-to-day operations, creating the biggest lever currently available to accelerate aviation’s progress towards climate-neutral flight.

Combining deep connections in the aerospace ecosystem with an agile start-up culture, SATAVIA is able to scale quickly and adapt to new opportunities and partnerships. Rooted in scientific and technological acumen and working with leading players ranging from Etihad and MIT to Microsoft and AWS, SATAVIA embodies an entrepreneurial mindset with the ambition to transform the relationship between aerospace and the environment.

SATAVIA’s growing team offers unique subject matter expertise (SME) capacity, ranging from atmospheric and climate science to cloud physics, and from agile software and API development to aerospace project management. Our team embodies industry-leading expertise on contrail prevention, laying the basis for the creation of a new carbon offset market worth up to $18.3bn (CBI figures).

Dr. Adam Durant is the Founder and CEO of SATAVIA.

Prior to founding SATAVIA, Dr. Durant worked as a professional scientist at the University of Cambridge and the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU). Dr. Durant has authored >35 scientific papers in atmospheric science, including a landmark paper on carbon emissions in 2009, and was previously involved in a start-up working with EasyJet and AIRBUS to facilitate volcanic ash-cloud avoidance.

Dr. Durant started SATAVIA to leverage and mobilise the power of climate science and atmospheric modelling for high-impact aviation-focused use-cases, beginning with volcanic ash-cloud and other airborne contaminants and then pivoting, via an Aerospace Technology Institute grant, towards high-altitude ice crystals and contrail formation.

SATAVIA’s focus on green aerospace ties together Dr. Durant’s long-standing environmental interests with his capacity to transform cutting-edge science into industry-leading commercial products.

SATAVIA has a strong IP portfolio with 6 patents granted and 12 pending. SATAVIA’s DECISIONX:NETZERO platform is labelled as an Efficient Solution by the Solar Impulse Foundation, and has featured in leading global media outlets including CNN, The Times, New Scientist, Flight Global, and The Daily Telegraph. SATAVIA has also been nominated for this year’s Earthshot Prize, in addition to receiving Air Transport World’s prestigious Eco-Technology Award in combination with Etihad.


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