38. FuturePlus

Company: FuturePlus

Founder: Mike Penrose and Alex Smith

Website: https://www.future-plus.co.uk


About FuturePlus

As the world becomes more familiar with sustainability practices, businesses can’t see the wood for the trees thanks to the ever-changing interpretations of ESG and the ratings platforms on offer. Often, they focus heavily on the ‘E’ and provide no clear plan to help businesses do better across the ‘S&G’, and they enable only a small proportion of businesses that have the required resources to make tangible progress.

Launched in London in early 2022, FuturePlus’ mission is to make sustainability management accessible, affordable, achievable and trackable for every business – not just the 1% that are able to jump through expensive, laborious hoops to win a coveted badge. Its sustainability management platform deconstructs typical ESG measurement processes to focus on practical and realistic action plans that every business can follow successfully, focusing on five themes that align with the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs): Climate, Economic, Diversity & Inclusion, Social and Environment.

The FuturePlus platform intelligently assesses a company’s sustainability achievements to date, before quantifying and translating them into a realistic and trackable action plan. Its indicators, made up of 200-300 questions, educate companies and business leaders to take incremental steps towards a more sustainable future.

FuturePlus’ bespoke sustainability roadmaps ensure results are measured and goals are met – and to guide organisations through their sustainability journey, it provides access to a team of sustainability experts, a host of resources, real time ESG data and more. FuturePlus doesn’t just measure past and present performance, it also measures future ambitions and velocity of improvement against globally recognised indicators, creating both a fair basis for comparison and incentivising positive action.

Since its launch, FuturePlus has signed over 150 customers from a wide variety of industries including finance, hospitality, technology, built environment and retail. Current customers include Soho House, Grind Coffee, Atlas FM and The Project Management Institute, and partners include International Real Estate Partners (IREP), Diode, Sustainable Spa Association and Expect.ai.

In November 2022, FuturePlus became the official sustainability partner to the high-profile HERE Impact Awards, designed to help Britain’s small businesses receive the expertise and support required on their sustainability journeys, plus give them the recognition to grow in a meaningful way through Outernet’s immersive entertainment district in central London.

The company is growing at breakneck speed and has attracted over £1.6 million in venture capital investments to date. In the past year, the FuturePlus workforce has grown by 133% and is currently 43% neurodiverse and 86% female-identifying. It measures its own sustainability using its platform and can demonstrate that it is currently making a positive impact in 16 of the 17 UN SDGs.


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