39. OXTO Energy

Company: OXTO Energy

Founder: George Prassinos

Website: https://oxtoenergy.com


About OXTO Energy

OXTO Energy provides flywheel energy storage to manufacturing, transportation, construction, and data processing industries, helping support their transition towards a low-carbon economy.

Our proprietary hardware technology focuses on developing next-generation flywheel batteries capable of revolutionising energy storage by stabilising intermittent electricity supplies associated with renewable energy sources.

The flywheel acts as a mechanical battery that stores kinetic energy in the form of a rotating mass, the system releases electrical energy exactly when it is needed. As a result, we are enabling greater integration of solar and wind energy into power grids and supporting sustainability goals.

George Prassinos, an aerospace engineer with the European Space Agency and NASA, founded OXTO Energy in 2016, after creating a small flywheel energy storage system to replace batteries used in satellite subsystems. Headquartered in the UK, the company is expanding to the US this year and has a commercial pilot on clean energy distribution for data centres with Japan’s Shimizu Corporation.

Currently, the move to renewable energy like wind and solar is limited due to intermittent and unreliable energy generation. This is a major issue for industries that require a consistent and reliable electricity supply.
Our flywheel’s high energy efficiency, long lifespan and unlimited charge cycle make it a cleaner alternative to traditional batteries. Manufacturing uses 90% less carbon and 100% less lithium than a chemical battery solution while costing the same to produce.

What are the industries we are helping?

EV Charging:
The expansion of fast-charging EV infrastructure is limited due to a reliance on building charging stations close to transformers or expensive upgrades required for existing grid connections. However, our energy storage solution provides the unlimited capability to fast-charge EVs without any location restrictions, and the ability to charge cars from 20% to 80% in under 15 minutes. This speed of charging is particularly important to commercial fleet businesses that have short turnaround times between hires.

Grid Stabilisation:
Over-voltage presents serious issues for modern grids. Solar and wind farms impact distribution network stability, however, our solution provides grid stabilisation through synthetic inertia.
Inertia measures the capability of a system to ‘resist’ an imbalance between generation consumption without excessive grid frequency variations. Our solution, alongside a Virtual Synchronous Machine algorithm, provides synthetic inertia to the system, thereby smoothing production and solving over-voltage and inertia issues.

Rail Energy Recovery:
The UK rail network uses 3TWh of energy annually – the equivalent output of a large power station. Much of this energy is lost through the heat and noise created during braking. Our flywheel system can recover these losses by enabling regenerative braking.


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