40. bodo

Company: bodo

Founders: Brandon Neman and Jack Green

Website: https://www.trybodo.com/


About bodo

What will eCommerce delivery look like in 2025?

Faster, greener, better.

bodo enables brands to offer customers 30-minute and same-day sustainable delivery directly on their online store checkout. Using bodo’s software and logistics network, brands can choose to ship their products from bodo’s Hubs or their own stores. Brands are able to launch instant delivery in as quickly as 24 hours thanks to bodo’s plug-in and centrally located hubs.

Orders delivered by bodo are eco-friendly thanks to the carefully-selected electric delivery fleets we integrate with, recycled and recyclable packaging, and our solar-powered micro-fulfillment centers. With the average medium parcel delivery equating to 40 plastic bottles worth of emissions, and 44% of customers choosing to buy from brands with a clear commitment to sustainability, brands are increasingly looking to decarbonize their checkout.

Bodo is also fixing the broken delivery experience which is littered with confusing courier emails and unhelpful landing pages. When customers select bodo delivery options, they receive branded communication via Whatsapp and email with a live-map to track their order (Uber-style). Not only does this give customers peace of mind but it turns deliveries into 5-star reviews.

6 months after launching, bodo is working with 40+ fast-growing UK brands, including category leaders such as TRIP CBD, Lucky Saint, SURI, and Free Soul. In December 2022, bodo raised an angel round of $2.3m and plans to expand our sustainable instant delivery into the US and Europe in late 2023.


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