60. TAKK

Company: TAKK

Founder: Pinar Akiskalioglu

Website: https://takk.co.uk/


About TAKK

I created TAKK after realising that my passion simply wasn’t to create more sales for a big corporate entity. After years of working in corporate beauty, I had started to seriously question if the job was right for me. I wondered whether it was right to sell 50 different shampoos for different hair types – whether this variety of choices was really making people happy and contributing to society.

I came to the conclusion I was no longer in the right place, and decided to take my career in a new direction and set an example to the business and beauty worlds on how things could be done differently.

TAKK is an ethical beauty care business which fights beauty hype, false promises, waste in landfills and big brands’ focus on excessive consumerism. We offer the consumer a stripped-back range of personal care products that are suitable for all genders – so one shampoo, one soap, one razor.

Our aim with TAKK is to contribute to building a better business world where humanity is at the heart of retail and beauty. One of the ways we hope to do this is by disrupting the beauty industry and forcing a rethink. People are bombarded by too much choice which ultimately leads to dissatisfaction. Not only that, the manufacturing of too many products and focus on unnecessary innovation leads to pollutants and is a waste of resources. People, and the planet, need no more than a few simple products and it is wrong that marketing makes us buy products we don’t need.

So at TAKK we aim to reduce unnecessary decisions – take away that added complication – by only selling a collection of essentials, the actual basics that everyone needs in their everyday life. We also use locally-sourced high-quality ingredients and aim to close the loop with various innovations – the creation of a circular model is a key solution against waste. We don’t bombard our customers with promotions and recommendations.

We value everyone throughout our supply chain, from animals to suppliers to factory workers. We have complete respect for everyone involved: we really care about our environmental impact, we show respect and listen to each other and those around us. When a customer makes the choice to buy from TAKK it really matters. It’s different from buying from a giant corporation where a customer is just one number out of millions. And we have already developed a loyal customer base across the world.


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