59. KYOCERA Document Solutions

Company: KYOCERA Document Solutions

Founder: Dr Kazuo Inamori

Website: https://www.kyoceradocumentsolutions.co.uk/Kyocera Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG, brand

About KYOCERA Document Solutions

Making Social Responsibility a Priority:

Everything we do as an organisation aims to respect the tenets of the Kyocera Philosophy, created by our founder, Dr Kazuo Inamori. His mission was “to do what is right as a human being.”

Given the global challenges brought by man-made climate change, we believe there is a duty to balance demand for our services by minimising our environmental impact and enabling the companies we work with to do the same. We have invested a huge amount of time into achieving carbon-neutral status, giving our customers and channel partners peace of mind when buying from us.

Carbon-neutral, 28 years ahead of schedule:

We are passionate about making our carbon footprint as small as possible, despite operating in a resource-heavy industry that uses plastics, paper and other materials, as well as large amounts of electricity and gas. Our original goal – in line with our parent company Kyocera Corporation – was to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Thanks to a huge effort we reached this goal in 2022.

Reaching carbon-neutrality meant forensically examining our practices:

• Deploying remote device management software across more devices under our service, reducing travel emissions
• Choosing lower-emission vehicles when we renewed our fleet in 2020
• Incorporating vehicle-tracking and route-optimisation software to minimise engineer mileage
• Implementing a hybrid working policy where employees can work remotely 40% of their time, reducing commuting emissions
• Only buying electricity from renewable sources

In December 2022 we became the first UK print vendor to make every printing product in our range carbon-neutral, with the launch of Carbon Neutral Printers & MFPs (CNP) and Carbon Neutral Managed Print Services (CN-MPS).

CNP carbon-offsets every device, plus the consumables it uses over the lifetime of the product. This covers all elements of production, packaging, transportation and consumables. We close the loop with eco-conscious toner and device recycling programmes. This is designed for customers buying through a Kyocera reseller. Products launching since January 2023 are supplied carbon-neutral as standard.

CN-MPS goes further to include offsetting engineer mileage for customers taking a Kyocera service. Customers can register for certificate of authenticity from MyClimate to demonstrate their carbon-neutral investment and commitment to sustainability.

Kyocera is on a sustainability journey.

We carbon offset the devices through MyClimate, the same partner we use to
offset our UK business operations’ carbon footprint. We also:
• reforest all the paper used in our UK business operations
• reforest the paper used by our inkjet production printer customers.
• have planted 9,170 trees to date, offsetting 76,411,033 standard printed pages through PrintReleaf.

Continuing to tackle climate change:

We project our maximum carbon emissions will decrease to 1,146 tCO2e in the next 5 years

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