58. ENACT Systems

Company: ENACT Systems

Founder: Deep Chakraborty

Website: https://enact-systems.com/
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About ENACT Systems

The award-winning Enact software platform is designed to transform and accelerate the implementation of clean energy globally. Enact is the only two-sided platform that allows customers – both homes and businesses – to simplify their entire solar and energy storage purchase and ownership journey, designed on Enact and delivered by local solar professionals. Enact also enables thousands of professionals in 25+ countries to sell and deliver projects and manage such assets for long-term performance.

End-customers can also leverage Enact’s platform to manage their clean energy and energy storage transition and track financial outcomes. Enact’s platform removes some of the most frustrating barriers for solar installers by enabling sales teams to remotely design, price, sell, finalise contracts, and track execution.

Solar has lacked the transparency and affordability to be truly accessible. Adoption is a necessity as the built environment is estimated to contribute a staggering 40% of the world’s carbon emissions. By 2035, it’s estimated that embodied carbon will be responsible for 50% of the built environment’s total emissions.

These are some of the frightening projections that led to the launch of Enact in 2015. With the aim of accelerating the transition to clean energy, Enact has helped increase solar adoption by developing a platform that makes the sales, deployment, and management of solar and energy storage projects easier and more affordable.

With pressure mounting on landlords, operators, and occupiers to make necessary changes to how buildings are built, managed, and consumed, Enact has found a large demand for solar installation.

Enact’s platform helps simplify and improve the experience of solar ownership for commercial and residential properties. Globally, individuals and organisations have similar worries around the growing climate crisis, which is why Enact has found success in making solar more accessible to both residential and commercial property owners in over 20 countries.

The technology developed by Enact makes the entire solar process simple and eliminates the common issues that prevent solar adoption and harm the efficiency of solar panels. Enact’s AI-powered remote design tool eliminates site visits for solar: contracts can now be generated for residential and commercial projects without a visit, reducing friction and delays in the sales process. Enact’s Consumer App also measures the outcomes of a solar project in financial terms, eliminating the mystery for buyers and users.

For eight years, Enact has been raising the standards of the solar energy industry and making the necessary changes to facilitate both residential and commercial real estate’s transition to clean energy.

Consumer behaviour must change, Enact is one of the solutions available for facilitating the transition to renewable energy.

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