7. BeoBia

Company: BeoBia

Website: https://www.beobia.com/

Founder: Thomas Constant


beobia insects


About BeoBia

BeoBia manufactures eco-pods for people’s homes. Their eco-pods harness insect power to recycle users’ food waste and convert it into pet food and plant fertiliser. They empower people to create their own source of affordable and sustainable pet feed.

BeoBia means ‘food for life’ in Irish Gaelic. The meaning embodies their belief that they can produce sustainable resources without compromising our planet. They have created the first truly affordable user friendly and sustainable way to produce home-grown insect protein.

Back in 2019, they initially created the pods for human consumption. However, following customer data market research (through a successful crowdfunding campaign) and demand from UK retailers, they pivoted into the pet and animal feed sector. 6 of the top 12 pets in the UK are pets that eat or partially eat mealworms – the type of insects our pods grow. There are over 12 million households in the UK alone that have these pets.

The mission at BeoBia is fully aligned with the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Their primary focus is on:

  • SDG 2 ‘zero hunger’
  • SDG 12 ‘responsible consumption and production’
  • SDG 13 ‘climate change’.

They predict that by 2026 BeoBia can reduce global CO2 production by over 125,000,000 kgCO2e – which equates to almost 200,000 flights from New York to London.

BeoBia wants to help create the sustainable revolution!