10. Cinapsis

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Company: Cinapsis

Website: https://www.cinapsis.org/

Founder(s): Dr Owain Rhys Hughes


About Cinapsis

Founded by surgeon Dr Owain Rhys Hughes, Cinapsis are a healthtech company working to drastically reduce NHS waiting times and relieve the burden on stressed healthcare workers.

Their end-to-end digital tool, Cinapsis SmartReferrals, works to facilitate instant, barrier-free communication and information transfer between healthcare professionals at all levels. Using their intuitive mobile and desktop app, Primary Care practitioners (including GPs, paramedics and community health workers) can obtain advice and support in selecting the most appropriate treatment pathway. This support might come from a conversation with a specialist, or from the system knowledge which is hardwired into the technology itself.

Democratising access to knowledge and empowering clinicians in this way makes a real impact on the entire healthcare system. This is because patients are sent to the right place and the right person without delay, reducing unnecessary hospital attendances, widening access to community services, cutting appointment wait times and lightening the burden on the NHS.

Since Cinapsis launched in 2019, thousands of doctors’ hours have been saved for the NHS. Pre-COVID, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust saw A&E referrals drop by 83% after partnering with Cinapsis, and since the coronavirus outbreak began, 32% of patients in Gloucestershire with COVID-19 have been cared for safely at home. On top of that, Cinapsis has made it possible for 70% of non-urgent referrals (such as dermatology) to be managed remotely.