11. GiveVision


Company: GiveVision

Website: https://www.givevision.net/

Founder(s): Elodie Draperi, Stan Karpenko & Piotr Imielski


About GiveVision

GiveVision uses augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to improve the vision of people with severe sight loss. The medtech company aims to revolutionise the lives of millions of blind and visually impaired people. Experts from the Global Innovation team, part of UCL Innovation & Enterprise, have supported GiveVision since 2018. Their mission is to create a world where everyone can see.

Founded in 2014, the startup has created a wearable device that uses AR and VR to enhance vision. The device, called SightPlus, enables wearers to go about their daily activities with greater independence. SightPlus is a clinically validated medical device that restores sight for patients who are diagnosed with untreatable sight loss. The low vision aid helps visually impaired people to see clearly, up close and at a distance. SightPlus has just a few buttons, so regardless of your technical ability, it just takes moments to set it up and familiarise yourself with its features.

As one in nine people over the age of 65 will be diagnosed with macular degeneration, GiveVision’s innovations promise major benefits for society. Current R&D projects include developing more compact glasses and an eye monitoring programme.

The business relationship began when the UCL Global Innovation team selected GiveVision to attend VivaTech in 2018, Europe’s biggest startup and tech event in Paris. It was here that GiveVision formed collaborations and accessed the French market. Helped by UCL Innovation & Enterprise, GiveVision has since opened a subsidiary in France. 

Jonathan Grinbaud, an Innovation Adviser in the Global Innovation team, has assisted the business throughout its entrepreneurial journey. He identified and helped with applications for R&D grants. One recent application resulted in GiveVision securing nearly £350,000 in funding from Eureka for a collaborative R&D project with a French SME. Jonathan has also made introductions to investors and recommended relevant training and workshops.