15. Odin Vision

Odin Vision

Company: Odin Vision

Website: https://odin-vision.com/

CEO: Peter Mountney


About Odin Vision

Odin Vision, founded by a team of UCL clinicians, medical imaging and artificial intelligence (AI) experts, is developing the next generation of AI enabled applications for endoscopic procedures

In the UK, there are approximately 42,000 new cases of colorectal cancer (CRC) and 16,000 deaths per year. These numbers make it the second highest cause of cancer deaths in the UK. Further afield, globally there are an estimated 1.3 million new cases and 700,000 related deaths.  

Detection and diagnosis play a critical role in all forms of healthcare. In the UK, we perform 1.8 million colonoscopies and sigmoidoscopies a year. Early detection has survival rates of over 90% with the treatment cost as low as a few hundred pounds, with minimal impact on patients’ lives. However, late detection can have devastating results. The challenge Odin Vision is responding to is the need for better tools to support clinicians in their decision making when it comes to making successful early detection and diagnoses.

Odin Vision CADDIE AI solution is a cloud based clinical support tool to help doctors improve the quality of endoscopy. It plugs seamlessly into the existing endoscopic equipment and analyses the live video during procedures. 

CADDIE acts like a second pair of eyes. It supports the doctor to detect polyps and characterises the polyps to help the doctor in optical diagnosis. The system is positioned on the endoscopy stack under the monitor and streams video to the cloud where it’s securely processed. The results (polyp location or characterisation information) are streamed to the hospital and overlaid on the image.

CADDIE is a CE Marked clinical decision support tool. It is intended to be used by clinicians as an accompaniment to video endoscopy for the purpose of drawing attention to regions with visual characteristics consistent with mucosal abnormalities such as polyps.