20. Virti


Company: Virti

Website: https://www.virti.com/

Founder(s): Dr Alex Young


About Virti

Virti is an immersive training startup based in the UK and the US. Working with organisations, universities and companies all around the world, their goal is to maximise human performance by making experiential learning affordable and accessible for everyone.

In-person training has always been inefficient, unengaging  and expensive — and research shows that employees forget upwards of 80% of episodic training. This is a particular problem for the healthcare sector, where students often leave university feeling underprepared for the rigours of a career in medicine.

Surgeon and entrepreneur Dr Alex Young built Virti to meet the demand for evidence-backed, highly scalable learning and training tools. The Virti immersive platform works across mobile or desktop devices, or VR/AR headsets, and allows learners to develop their skills in a risk-free virtual environment.  The platform uses AI and natural language processing to analyse, measure and give objective, data-rich feedback on user performance.

Named as one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2020, Virti’s platform improves training outcomes by up to 230% and reduces skill fade by 52%. It also has a cloud-based, no-code simulation creation suite allowing organisations to build their own bespoke training modules. At the peak of the COVID pandemic, Virti launched special modules to deliver essential skills training to doctors around the world – including how to ventilate a patient, safely use PPE and navigate an intensive care ward. 

Virti recently announced a raise of $10 million in their Series A funding round.