19. Axela Innovations

Company: Axela Innovations

Website: https://www.axelainnovations.co.uk/

Founder(s): Nicholas Kelly


About Axela Innovations

Nicholas Kelly is the black co-founder of the healthcare tech company Axela Innovations. Nicholas started the business in 2006 after seeing the difference compassionate and experienced care can make to the wellbeing of individuals. Alongside his mother, Jacquie, he set up his first domiciliary care company called Respect Care, putting service users at the centre and treating its carers with respect and dignity. He now employs over 1,200 staff and the business is worth over £5m. Axela Ltd is organised across three solution hubs: Axela Care, Respect Care, and Axela Innovations operating in the UK and across the world.

Nicholas is passionate about changing the way people view healthcare by supporting the care lifecycle, making care accessible to everyone, and using technology to better support staff to deliver better care, Nicholas has over 15 years’ experience and is ardent about social care.

Axela Ltd are very proud to have created a product called cAir:ID which is used to assist their roles as carers. It’s a platform (used on an app) that merges all health, social care, medical and wearables data for an individual, along with user-inputted data. Everything is in one place (which is rare in care) allowing all those supporting and providing any form of care to a person to have one place to read/ write information to.  This product is proven to be successful and is Nick is now looking to expand globally.

Machine learning sits in the background and identifies any changes to what’s normal for the individual and alerts the relevant care pathway e.g alerting a hospital team when someone has a TIA/ mini stroke at home.