24. TIKI

Company: TIKI

Website: https://www.mytiki.com/

Founder(s): Mike Audi, Anna Stoilova & Shane Faria




About TIKI

Data is this generation’s gold rush. The next hundred years will be decided by who controls it. Shouldn’t that be us, the users, instead of big tech? After all, it’s our data. TIKI is the user data privacy app that lets you protect, control and monetise your data by sharing it with the companies you trust. TIKI puts power in your hands so that you, not big tech, can decide what data companies collect about you and how that data is used. If a company uses your information, you get paid for sharing it.

TIKI is a data-informed community built on radical user-centricity and transparency where people – not companies – go when they have an issue with their data; every big move or feature update is informed by user suggestions and feedback. It’s all about giving consumers a voice in this conversation as effective stakeholders in the company.

Founded in December 2020, TIKI now has more than 120,000 users signed up on its platform. In 2021, the team saw signups increase ten-fold over a period of just three months. This user interest is aligning with the ever-increasing value of consumer data. Monumental shifts have recently occurred in the market, like Apple’s privacy changes that now prevent advertisers from tracking iPhone users across apps and in their email. As consumer data becomes more scarce, its monetary value is reaching new heights. Digital ad spend is expected to top $450 billion in 2021 – an 18% increase year-over-year. Large corporations with the resources to do so are investing millions in workaround solutions to recapture this data, which puts smaller businesses at a disadvantage.

TIKI democratises data, creating a unique, secure, opt-in marketplace that protects your information. It provides better, safer and lower-cost data for all businesses – not just giant corporations – to fuel growth.

Current investors in the company include Jim O’Neill, former CIO at HubSpot where he brought data to 19,000 businesses and Deven Sharma, former president of S&P – the financial data behemoth.