25. Veo.world

Company: Veo.world

Website: https://veo.world/

Founder(s): Joe Darwen


About Veo.world

Veo.world is on a mission to solve sustainability in retail. They have been described as “if Greta Thunberg met Jeff Bezos” and are currently the UK’s largest and most sustainable online shopping destination, showcasing thousands of unique products from hundreds of independent brands across Fashion, Beauty, Food & Home.

Veo.world started when the founder was working at UK Government’s DIT delivering the E-Exporting programme. There they worked with over 40 of the world’s leading marketplaces (including Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc.), and it quickly became evident that none seemed to consider the Real Bottom Line / Triple Bottom Line for Profit + People + Planet. These platforms did not focus as much on social and environmental concerns as it does on profits. So finding that none of the world-leading marketplaces seemed to support these values, Joe founded Veo as a vital future-facing alternative to other platforms that fall short of these ideals. Joe then took the leap to leave full-time employment and create Veo.

Joe spent the pandemic in isolation on their own at the kitchen table writing an Innovate UK grant bid which would fund the technology required to solve the scalability problem inherent in large platforms. This would create a seamless and automated experience for brands to join the platform. After submission, in November it was announced that they had won the grant (from over 8,000+ applications), and since December 2020 they have gone from 1 to 11 team members and still hiring. They have also developed an industry top-rated assessment matrix (moving to blockchain) which qualifies and approves the full life cycle of products from brands to join the platform. This instils critical consumer trust and assurance for developing the world’s largest, most sustainable immersive lifestyle shopping platform. (*as ranked and voted for by Ethical Consumer magazine).

Veo.world partners with hundreds of independent sustainable brands, and showcase thousands of unique products across Fashion, Beauty, Food & Home. They don’t believe consumers should have to compromise in their choices if they are wanting to shop sustainably, so Veo is here to show that embracing a sustainable lifestyle requires no compromise.