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Company: Nation.better

Website: https://nationbetter.uk/

Founder(s): Larisa Budaeva


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About Nation.better

Nation.better is a Tech for Good legaltech UK start-up that have been developing the first UK digital platform to help democratise immigration services. Through automation, AI and Machine Learning, they streamline and optimise immigration processes, while significantly reducing immigration advisory cost (by 70%), disrupting existing traditional manual, expensive and highly administrative processes and making immigration support truly digital, sustainable and innovative.

Nation.better is funded by Bethnal Green Ventures (social impact VC fund) and several UK and US social impact angel investors. The company was awarded an Innovate UK grant for the development of an end-to-end Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to become a one-digital-place for all immigration needs.

A recent report by Mckinsey shows that over 87% of UK companies will experience a skills gap in the next coming months due to effects of Brexit and Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, it is expected that many businesses will be recruiting skilled talent from overseas to overcome skills shortages on the local labour market. To provide an international employee with a work visa is not a one-off event, duties are extensive, and require additional time, effort, and resources. Typically, smaller organisations don’t have in-house skills, which leads to added costs and complexity to their operations.

In July 2021 the first Nation.better automated sponsorship SaaS compliance platform was launched. It digitises and automates routine, manual and time-consuming activities that have traditionally been associated with maintaining Home Office compliance. Companies can proactively manage Home Office compliance, monitor and track reporting and record-keeping duties, store documents securely and speed up candidates’ onboarding. They hope to empower UK employers to recruit from a wider pool of talent around the globe, support sustainable business growth and improve diversity in the workplace, while the admin aspects of immigration are put on auto-pilot, especially after damaging effects of Brexit and Covid-19.

The wellbeing and comfort of the international employees being one of their top priorities, they also provide support, guidance, and educational content to speed up integration and help them feel more at home – all while reducing stress and the risk of immigration non-compliance.

“After Brexit the way how UK businesses approach recruitment of the best talent has changed. Many, however, are fearful of how much additional effort and cost it will take to maintain compliance with the Home Office, so avoid it altogether. We want to change the perception of the sponsorship of skilled employees – from being an admin heavy burden, to an automated, easily manageable process with less effort at lower cost. We encourage as many companies as possible to try our solution by offering a free 6-month subscription plan.” Larisa Budaeva, CEO and Founder at Nation.better.