31. Futr

Company: Futr

Website: https://futr.ai/

Founder(s): Lee Skyrme & Andy Wilkins




About Futr

Futr is an established – and growing tech company using AI-enabled chatbots to help critical teams deliver fast and reliable information to their audiences. The platform delivers AI-powered conversations across messaging channels from Facebook to Alexa, and Skype to Slack, translating communications into 120 languages in real-time, 24 hours of the day.

With this ai-powered technology, customer service teams can respond to the most complex requests, from reporting crimes on whatsapp to requesting essential health and safety services via a website form or email as well as live chat services and out of hours bots. Futr’s superpowers are truly transforming the way organisations respond to their customers efficiently and at speed – bringing these organisations closer to their communities.

The company equips customer service teams with ‘superpowers’ enabling them  to deal with the ever-changing nature of demand, enhancing their core services rather than replacing them.

Service teams are already doing an incredible and critical job. Futr doesn’t take away from that. It empowers them to become even better at their jobs and relieves their burden so that they can focus on delivering critical services to those that need them the most.

One way Futr is using tech for good, is to drive positive change within the housing sector. The company has been working closely with Housing Associations to improve and extend resident support through increasing the communications channels available to residents. With most communities made up of various nationalities and backgrounds, Futr’s technology ensures that every resident has access to services when they need them and in a format and language accessible to them.

Futr’s clients include Bolton at Home – one of the largest Housing Associations in the North-West, with over 18,000 properties. Since deploying their conversational chatbot, Bolton at Home has seen immediate tangible results. For example, Since their implementation, more than 15,000 FAQ calls have been handled by the new AI-chat bots, freeing up staff to deal with more urgent and complex queries.

Alongside their transformational work within the housing sector, Futr is also working with high profile public sector organisations such as the police and the NHS, and mental health charities CALM, and Bipolar UK.