32. Vestd

Vestd founder ifty nasir

Company: Vestd

Website: https://www.vestd.com/

Founder(s): Ifty Nasir


About Vestd

Vestd’s equity management products and services increase employee happiness and loyalty. Their product might be financial, but in many ways, what they are selling is a fairer, more principled way of doing business, where everyone who contributes to building the business, gets a chance to share in the success.

This philosophy runs through everything Vestd does, including where they spend their money and what they campaign for. From rewarding customer referrals with charity donations (such as planting trees in their clients’ names) to supporting ‘Small Business Saturday’ to encourage people to shop locally, Vestd always strives to make best choices.

This ethos also runs through the decisions that they make relating to what they don’t buy or engage in. They decided to go fully remote more than two years ago. In doing so, they estimate they’ve saved at least 52 tonnes of CO2. Vestd’s app is designed to help business leaders share and manage their equity, and they are the only business of their kind that is FCA regulated.

Founder and CEO of Vestd, Ifty Nasir, commented:

“Although not the primary reason for being regulated, it is a badge of honour, and pushes us towards fairness and transparency in all we do, further demonstrating our commitment to ethical business conduct. I know that this is enormously important to our customers and it’s important to the team too. We know that we have a purpose, to do good in the world, and that binds us together, driving us forward.”