4. Patchwork Health

Company: Patchwork Health

Website: https://www.patchwork.health/

Founder(s): Dr Anas Nader & Dr Jing Ouyang


About Patchwork Health

Founded by two NHS doctors, Patchwork Health is on a mission to transform health and care staffing for the better. Right now, working in health or care means a lack of flexibility, high rates of staff burnout, and poor retention. Patchwork Health partner with the NHS to deliver services and technology to help change that. They want to see a health service which is run efficiently and cost-effectively, with happy, empowered staff who are fully supported to deliver the best care to patients.

The NHS is facing a staffing crisis. According to a recent BMA survey, 1 in 5 doctors are considering leaving the NHS for another career  as a result of excessive workload, stress and burnout. This will add to the soaring number of vacancies – a figure which currently stands close to 90,000 in England.

Patchwork Health are committed to tackling this crisis by developing the workforce management technology and services that are urgently needed. They have developed a unique, innovative approach which they call ‘Outcomes-Based Staffing’. This method of workforce management combines technology and services to connect the whole of healthcare: allowing organisations to collaborate across boundaries, giving workers control over their own schedules, and ensuring the patient receives exceptional care.

By putting NHS staff back at the centre, Outcomes-Based Staffing has the power to unlock the hidden capacity in the workforce. By breaking through red tape, it can help relieve pressure on exhausted health and social care staff. By streamlining and digitising processes, Outcomes-Based Staffing can save money and administrative time for workers, managers and organisations.

Patchwork Health are currently partnered with over 70 NHS organisations across England and Wales. Recently they announced a raise of £3.5 million that will enable them to reach more NHS Trusts in the coming year.