5. Bagboard

Company: Bagboard

Website: https://www.bagboard.com/

Founder(s): Benjamin Ayres, Ashleigh Bishop & Charlie Ayres




About Bagboard

Bagboard is a purpose-led tech company on a mission to drive conscious consumerism on a global scale. Founded by Benjamin Ayres, Ashleigh Bishop, and Charlie Ayres, Bagboard partners with brands who are kind to people and the planet by featuring their campaigns on eco-friendly smart bags, replacing single-use plastic bags.

Since July 2021, people across London can now earn as they walk to make shopping everyday sustainable products more affordable. All while contributing to ocean-plastic removal. This is all thanks to a simple reusable ‘smart bag’, connected to Bagboard’s new sustainable marketplace app.

Each time someone carries a free, carbon-neutral, reusable, water-resistant, paper ‘smart bag’ and scans it within the Bagboard app they are rewarded with points – or conscious coins (CCX) – that can be directly applied as money off sustainable brands including plant-based meal service allplants, planet-friendly period care TOTM, ethical skincare UpCircle Beauty and canned water brand CanO Water, along with 32 other conscious brands at launch.

25% of these brands are female-founded, and 15% led by people of colour. Bagboard also rewards people by removing ocean plastic on their behalf each time they reuse their smart bag, via a partnership with the innovative NGO Plastic Bank.

Bagboard’s smart bags are more eco-friendly and cost-effective to produce than traditional canvas totes.  Unlike single-use plastic alternatives, they’re biodegradable and can be recycled with no harmful waste.

Smart bags are currently posted out completely free to Londoners after being requested via the Bagboard app and will be distributed from September via Bagboard’s network of 2000+ independent retailers across London, helping these retailers switch from the cheaper and more readily-available single-use plastic alternatives they currently rely on.


Here’s how Bagboard works:

  • Download the Bagboard app for free on Android or iOS and request a free Bagboard smart bag to be posted to you
  • Link the Bagboard app to your smart bag by scanning the QR code on the side
  • Reuse your bag around London (anywhere within the M25) – scanning it in the Bagboard app at the start and end of each use
  • Earn reward points (conscious coins or CCX) to spend on eco-friendly brands featured in the in App marketplace
  • With every use and reuse, Bagboard removes ocean plastic on your behalf via the Plastic Bank


Anyone wishing to be sent a free Bagboard smart bag can order one from the Bagboard App available via the iOS or Android app stores.