6. my mhealth

Company: my mhealth

Website: https://mymhealth.com/

Founder(s): Dr Simon Bourne & Professor Tom Wilkinson


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About my mhealth

Founded by two NHS medical consultants, my mhealth uses digital therapeutics to deliver better outcomes, improve patient engagement and decrease the burden on the NHS via the UK’s first NHS-approved digital platform.

my mhealth’s technology, developed by experts, provides patients with rehabilitation, educational courses and condition-specific self-management remotely. They are pioneering a new approach to remote healthcare and medication management, empowering patients and teams to manage long-term conditions.

The team is deeply passionate about using tech for good to improve health outcomes for patients. With innovations in healthcare tech enhancing patient care and safety while reducing medical errors, my mhealth’s CUOREMA heart project alongside three European collaborators is a prime example of that. With a €2.5M Eurostars grant to support heart health in Europe, they are committed to improving patient care with technology as the driving force enabling this change,

This year, my mhealth announced its successful launch of their NHS-approved myDiabetes app in the Kent and Medway area, which offers 24-hour self-management, education and expert advice to people with type 1 & type 2 diabetes. my mhealth is transforming the way patients can interact with their clinicians. For example, diabetic patient Jackie found the myDiabetes app through her GP clinician and needed education and reassurance to live her life as normally as possible and says “everything about this app is like my classroom in my pocket. It has also helped my husband’s diabetes education, and it is fantastic to have him on board. It has even changed his lifestyle of exercise and diet too”.

Winners of Juniper Research Excellence in Digital Health Innovation Judges Choice Award this year and one of the winners of phase 2 of the AI in Health and Care Award by NHS AI Labs and NHS X, the continuation of my mhealth’s recognition for their work in digital therapeutics and remote health has only just begun.