10 Algerian Startups To Keep An Eye On

Algeria’s entrepreneurial landscape is growing year on year, with companies innovating in a variety of industries.

From tech platforms to sustainability businesses, these companies are at the heart of Algeria’s economic growth. Here, we take a look at 10 companies making waves in Algeria and beyond….

1. Yassir – Super App


Yassir Logo


Yassir is changing how Algerians are able access on-demand services through its super app.

A one stop shop, Yassir offers a wide array of services including ride-hailing, food delivery, and financial services.

Yassir has grown into a household name and a big player in Algeria’s digital economy.


2. Goutra – Water Saving Technology




Goutra is a tech-driven water saving system that connects to a faucet and downloads real-time data around water consumption.

The data can then be used by consumers to control their water consumption and save water. Not just for households, Goutra’s smart faucet can also be used for agriculture and industrial businesses.


3. Wajeez – Audio Content Library


Investing in Wajeez: Digitizing Knowledge through Localized Bite-Sized  Content — STV


Wajeez is an audio library that includes summaries of audio books, podcasts, poems and novels.

With over 6,500 titles and renewed every month, and summaries around topics such as science, history and business, Wajeez is an audio learning platform making books more engaging.


4. GO Platform – Talent Assessment




GO Platform is a talent assessment platform, helping companies recruit new talent using the power of AI.

GO Platform’s customisable assessments are designed to help companies find people with the skills, not the CV, that they need.

Through bespoke tests, the company analyses data to test how people could apply their skills to the job at hand, contributing to better hiring.


5. Garini – Smart Parking




Garini is a smart parking app, allowing users to find, book and pay for their parking spot.

Using real-time data to show availability and pricing, Garini allows people to park their cards quickly and efficiently, all through one app.



6. Maksab – B2B eCommerce

Maksab | LinkedIn


Soon to launch, Maksab is a B2B eCommerce platform in Algeria, revolutionising how supply chains work.

Retainers are able to browse and buy over 3000 FMCG products at competitive prices, allowing them to manage everything in one place. By connecting FMCG manufacturers with retailers, Maksab is digitising the supply chain.


7. Linble – eCommerce Solution


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Linble is an app that helps connect volunteers with people with disabilities.

Through the app, volunteers are able to search for and find their perfect volunteering match, allowing them to create more meaningful connections.

Not yet launched, the startup is set to revolutionise the volunteering landscape, helping to create a more cohesive society.


8. My Tree – Investing In Trees


My Tree


My Tree is on a mission to combat climate change through allowing businesses and individuals to invest in reforestation projects.

By allowing them to sponsor a range of tree plantings, My Tree is working towards creating a greener Algeria for future generations.


9. Longli – English Language Learning App



Longli makes learning English accessible and fun through its free online app.

With interactive lessons and practical exercises to help users learn faster, Longli is helping more Algerians learn English.

Through gamifying language, Longli is making learning English both fun and impactful.


10. Banxy – Algeria’s First Mobile Bank




Banxy is the first mobile bank in Algeria, launched just 6 years ago in 2018.

The company allows Algerians to manage their finances online, helping them get paid, transfer and save money all in one place. By bringing banking to the digital space in Algeria, Banxy is helping people manage their money all through their phones.


These 10 startups show just how innovative and forward-thinking startups in Algeria are. Keep an eye on them as they continue to grow, evolve and shape Algeria’s future.