10 Nigerian Startups To Watch

Nigeria is one of Africa’s biggest economies, largely due to its huge petrol exports. However, this isn’t the only sector taking over the country, as the Nigerian startup economy is going from strength to strength.

Just yesterday, the National Information Technology Development Agency’s (NITDA) announced that 12,948 Nigerian startups have registered through the new startup portal as a part of the Nigeria Startup Act of October 2022. This act, signed into law, is a major step towards building an economy that supports entrepreneurship.

As the startup sector in Nigeria continues to flourish, here we take a look at ten Nigerian startups to keep an eye on:


1. GoNana – Supporting Local Farmers




GoNana is a trading platform for local farmers, allowing them to trade and increase their income based on their increased yield. Built on blockchain technology, the company is helping more farmers in Nigeria boost their income.

By removing the middle man GoNana allows farmers to sell their produce for the real value, whilst also connecting them to investor and investment opportunities.


2. Talowork – Business Management Platform




Talowork is a business management system that allows companies to manage their HR, CRM, ERP and projects all in one place.

By allowing companies to keep track of their products in one place, Talowork is helping businesses streamline their operations so they can focus on producing profit.

3. Nomba – Payment Solutions Provider


African PayTech Nomba Raises $30M | Financial IT


Nomba is helping businesses manage financial transactions through their POS systems.

Their secure platform  and bespoke technology allows businesses to offer a wide range of payment services, making it easier for companies to scale up their businesses and receive secure payments.


4. AlosFarm – Agricultural Innovator




AlosFarm helps farmers plan and manage their farming activities, from seed to table. The company supplies support from pre-harvest, helping maximise yield, to post-harvest management of logistics.

By helping farmers maximise yield and then seamlessly manage their businesses, the company is providing valuable support to farmers in Nigeria.


5. Vendease – Food Procurement Platform


Vendease - Home


Vendease acts as a link between hospitality businesses and food suppliers, providing a tool that simplifies food procurement.

This platform helps restaurants and hotels track, order and receive fresh supplies efficiently, reducing waste and increasing profitability.



6. InvestBamboo – Democratising Investment


Bamboo: Bamboo ― the first online brokerage service for Africans and their…  | Y Combinator


InvestBambo’s user-friendly platform allows Nigerians to invest in US and African stocks.

Their service helps more people navigate the investment process, making it easy and manageable for both beginner and experienced investors.


7. Moove – Vehicle Financing For Mobility Businesses


Moove Raises $23 Million Series A Funding to Democratize Vehicle Ownership  in Africa | Business Wire


Moove is a vehicle financing company on a mission to help more people in Africa purchase a vehicle for their business.

Through their tech-driven platform, Moove provides access to vehicle financing for those who need them for business, supporting economic growth.


8. Remedial Health – Making Medicine More Accessible


Remedial Health: B2B E-commerce & Fintech platform for Pharmacies &  Hospitals in Africa | Y Combinator


With a large amount of deaths in Africa each year being attributed to counterfeit drugs, Remedial Health is helping to improve access to pharmaceuticals.

Through their unique combination of tech, they provide legitimate, affordable and timely deliveries of medicines to pharmacies and medical centres that need them most.


9. LemFi – International Payment Software


Empowering the World with Universal Payment Solutions: Lemonade Finance  Rebrand Itself as LemFi | BellaNaija


LemFi is on a mission to bridge the financial inclusion gap helping Nigerians send and receive money globally.

With quick transfers and transparent fees, LemFi is helping more people take control of their finances.


10. Kwaba – Rent Payment Management


Save and get instant loans for rent


Kwaba is helping people across Africa make timely rent payments and avoid eviction.

By notifying them to save, keeping them accountable and giving them access to instant loans if needed, Kwaba is helping more people meet their rental payment schedule.