10 Startups In Kazakhstan To Keep An Eye On

The startup ecosystem in Kazakhstan is gaining momentum, with a number of innovative businesses setting out to disrupt global industries.

From AI-driven medical solutions to sustainable and health tech, these ten startups are each making a name for Kazakhstan on the world’s startup stage.

Here’s a closer look at ten companies making waves in Kazakhstan.


1. MaltaBu – Online Ads For Farming


Малтабу - Apps on Google Play


MaltaBu is changing the way Kazakhs buy and sell animals, farming goods and land through its user-friendly platform.

By allowing farmers to connect directly without intermediaries, MaltaBu is helping facilitate the exchange of farming essentials in Kazakhstan.


2. Codiplay – Gamifying Education

CodiPlay, Kazakh EdTech startup - CodiPlay


Codiplay takes a creative approach to education by gamifying learning.

Their games are designed to teach children computer programming and critical thinking skills in an engaging, interactive way. Through their app, Codiplay is helping to prepare the next generation for the digital age.


3. Parqour – Smart Parking


Parqour | LinkedIn


Parqour is a parking management system, helping companies digitise their operations.

Their technology allows parking managers to see which spaces are occupied, take payments and implement dynamic pricing based on demand.

Through their app, Parqour helps businesses optimise their parking operations, all in one place.


4. KidSecurity – Child Safety App




KidSecurity is a parental control app helping parents feel more relaxed about their children’s wellbeing.

The app offers real-time location tracking, the ability to block and monitor certain websites, and emergency alerts, ensuring parents can keep their children safe in both the digital and physical world.


5. Kale – AI Mental Health Coaching



Kale Coach is helping people use the power of AI to boost their mental wellbeing.

The app is designed to help organisations offer more mental health support to employees, improving retention and reducing stress.



6. Verigram – AI-Powered Verification Services


Verigram Company Profile: Valuation, Funding & Investors | PitchBook


Verigram is helping more people protect their documents through AI-verification.

Their platform allows for verification of a number of assets, including documents, images and videos. By helping companies crack down on fraud, Verigram is creating a safer online environment for everyone.


7. TrashBack – Environmental Rewards Platform


TrashBack – Apps on Google Play


TrashBack incentivises more people to recycle by rewarding them through the system.

TrashBack encourages people to collect waste in their local area, deliver it to a local AI-based vending machine and receive ecoins in exchange. Through the rubbish they collect, TrashBack is able to 3D print goods, furniture and even houses.


8. Cerebra – Brain Diagnostics


Into the depths of sleep – Cerebra announces open access to proprietary ORP  sleep depth technology - Cerebra


Cerebra uses the power of AI for early stroke detection. As strokes get worse the longer they are left untreated, Cerebra’s technology can help conserve patient’s brain health and potentially save their life.

As Kazakhstan’s number 1 cause of death is strokes, Cerebra’s work is helping the country make great leaps forward in medicine and patient care.


9 .Okoo – Educational Resources Online



Okoo is helping teachers level up with its vast library of online resources.

Catering to both students and teachers, Okoo is making learning more accessible, engaging and organised, all though its easy-to-use platform.


10. Aidentis – Biotech Research and Development




Aidentis is on a mission to help dentists make more accurate diagnoses.

Through its platform, Aidentis’ machine learning algorithm can analyse orthodontics quickly and accurately. Through its 3D model generation, Aidentis helps doctors plan treatment quicker and more accurately.


These ten startups are innovating sectors both within the country and around the world.

As they continue to grow, these startups in Kazakhstan is contributing to the betterment of societies and people globally.