10 Startups In Bangladesh To Keep An Eye On

Bangladesh is home to a number of startups, each innovating in its respective sector. From technology and education to healthcare and renewable energy, these startups are helping solidify Bangladesh as a startup haven.

Here, we take a look at ten startups in Bangladesh that we think are worth watching.


1. HelloTask: On-Demand Domestic Help



HelloTask helps to connect people find domestic help through their easy to use app.

By signing on to the app, users can find reliable maids, cooks and cleaners with the click of a button. This platform helps underprivileged people find work, whilst also helping people in Bangladesh find household help.


2. iFarmer: Farming And Agricultural Investment


Revolutionizing Bangladeshi Agriculture - iFarmer.Asia


iFarmer is an agritech startup that connects farmers with investors and financing opportunities, helping them access the capital and support they need to grow.

This not only boosts productivity but also allows companies and business people to find unique investment opportunities, whilst also helping farmers access the funding they need.


3. EduMan: Digital Learning


eduman, school management software, school management system, institute management system, institute management software, educational management system, smart institute management system


EduMan is the largest Edtech platform in Bangladesh, offering a SaaS based online learning and school management system that helps students and stakeholders streamline their learning.

Currently serving 5,000+ institutions, Eduman is helping students access quality resources, whilst helping institutions provide better and more accessible education.


4. SOLshare: Solar Energy Network


Home - SOLshare


SOLshare is a climate-tech company helping to provide rural communities with sustainable energy solutions.

The company provides solar panels to rural houses and 3 wheeler EVs to those that need them, harnessing Bangladesh’s sunny weather to democratise energy access.


5. PriyoShop Retail: Business Building For Local Retailers


PriyoShop - SOSV


PriyoShop Retail is helping small and medium sized retailers connect direcly with sellers, to help them build their own businesses online.

Through the power of digitisation, PriyoShop is helping MSMEs boost sales, grow their businesses and maximise profits.



6. Shikho: EdTech Innovation


Anchorless Bangladesh: Shikho


Shikho is a learning app that helps students prepare for exams in both primary and secondary school.

Through personalised learning experiences, practice exam tests and report cards, Shiko is making education more engaging, accessible, and effective for learners across Bangladesh.


7. Arogga: Healthcare and Pharmacy App


Arogga - Order Medicine, Healthcare Products, Lab Tests & Beauty Items  Online in Bangladesh


Arogga is an online pharmacy, helping people order prescription medications, toiletries and lab tests directly to their homes.

Through its easy to use site, Arogga is simplifying access to healthcare products, making them more accessible to the population.


8. Tiger New Energy: Battery Swapping For Mobility


Tiger New Energy Co. Ltd.


Tiger New Energy is transforming Bangladesh’s transport landscape with its battery swapping solutions.

With so many vendors relying on batteries to power their vehicles for business, Tiger New Energy helps them work longer hours without wasting time on charging. With swaps able to happen within 1 minute, Tiger New Energy is powering Bangladesh’s EVs.


9. SafePad: Reusable Sanitary Products



Safepad™ is a reusable sanitary pad



SafePad is helping more women in Bangladesh access safe sanitation products with its innovative, biodegradable and reusable products.

By focusing on women’s health and sustainability, SafePad is helping more people manage their personal hygiene without having to pay crazy high prices, contributing to the wellbeing of women across Bangladesh.


10. Watteh: Water Purification Technology



Watteh Greens



Watteh is a technology based farming company, using the power of tech to grow nutritious micro-greens all year round.

Through applying sustainable practices, Watteh is helping more people access fresh and nutritious products and bring new farming methods to agricultural workers nationwide.


These ten startups show diverse entrepreneurial spirit of Bangladesh. From education and healthcare to promoting sustainable energy and agriculture, they are driving positive change both within the country and globally.