10 Startups In Nepal To Watch

Nepal, a country known for its kind people, world-famous hikes and culture is also home to a number of startups revolutionising their industries.

From legal services to sustainable energy, these startups are not just making an impact within Nepal, but globally too. Here, we take a closer look at ten companies in Nepal that we think are worth watching


1. Khatapana: Nepal’s Super Business Platform (Earlier known as LexpertEase: Simplifying Legal Services)



Khatapana, started as LexpertEase with the goal of helping more people in Nepal access legal services through its online platform. It is now operating under a larger umbrella of Khatapana, which positions itself as a super business platform in Nepal.

Khatapana is an online service provider which offers various business solutions including foreign direct investment, business registration, tax, legal and compliance solutions. Similar to ZenBusiness and YCombinator-backed doola in the US, it offers personal finance management for entrepreneurs and professionals.

For business, it offers an easy-to-use cloud-based accounting system that boasts to entrepreneurs friendly, unlike the existing solutions that are targeted to accountants. Khatapana’s services can be accessed through its website or via its mobile app available in Google Play Store and AppStore.


2. Neema Academy: Online Education


Neema Academy aims at upgrading e-learning in Nepal - OnlineKhabar English News


Neema Academy offers online courses through its e-learning platform, providing students from age 10 upwards with more engaging digital learning opportunities.

With a focus on interactive education that can be accessed from anywhere, Neema Academy offers a range of courses from academic subjects to skills development and more.


3. aQysta: Crop & Farming Solutions


Smallholder Farmers - aQysta Crops & Farming Solutions


aQysta is on a mission to help small farmers make their businesses more profitable through sustainable technologies.

The startup has created the “Barsha Pump” a device that uses the power of flowing water sources to lift water to neighbouring farmlands without requiring energy.

The device is being used by 7,000 farmers across Nepal, helping them grow their businesses organically and sustainably.


4. Bijuli Power: Financing Solutions For EVs




Bijuli Power is helping make Nepal’s roads greener through its accessible financing for EVs.

The company is helping to build a network of ‘micro-entrepreneurs’ across Nepal by giving them better access to EVs that they can use to generate an income.

Through their initiative, Bujuli is helping build a more sustainable and lucrative economy in Nepal.


5. Khalti: Making Financial Transactions Seamless


The app “Khalti” aims to become every Nepali's digital wallet in Nepal | by Ravi Kumar | Medium


Khalti is helping more people manage their money in Nepal with with its digital wallet platform which helps people make quick and secure online payments.

By allowing Nepalese people to manage all their digital finances in one place, Khalti is helping empower Nepalis to be smarter with their money.



6. Khaalisisi: Revolutionising Recycling



Khaalisisi is an eco-friendly startup that connects waste sellers with everyday recyclers.

Khaalisisi makes the process easy from start to finish, by collecting the recyclables directly and then helping consumers sell it on. The company is on a mission to reduce the amount of recyclable rubbish that goes to landfill, contributing to a greener country.

7. Aerosan Toilets: Sustainable Sanitation For Rural Communities



With a focus on improving public health and sanitation, Aerosan Toilets designs sustainable toilet facilities that are deployed in areas that need them most.

Their public toilets not only address the need for clean and accessible public restrooms, but also contribute to the overall wellbeing of communities through safe waste disposal.

8. Honeyguide Apps: Outdoor Adventures


HoneyGuide Apps - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


It wouldn’t be a Nepalese roundup without mentioning one of the country’s most popular attractions: Mount Everest.

The Honeyguide App provides people with trekking routes across Everest, Annapurna and Ghorepani. Their technology means more people can enjoy the country’s world-famous nature, whilst also staying safe.


9. Paaila Technology: Robotics and AI Development


No photo description available.


Paaila Technology is an AI and robotics company that is developing robots that can integrate into our everyday lives.

From customer service, to business assistance and chatbots, the company is opening up new routes for businesses to automate their offering.


10. eSewa: Digital Payment Wallet


eSewa | Digital wallet in Nepal for Online payment services


eSewa is a digital wallet that allows people to make instant payments anytime, anywhere.

From utility bill payments to online shopping, eSewa is on a mission to make finances convenient and secure.


These ten startups are all contributing to Nepal’s growing economy, innovating in a variety of sectors.

As they continue to grow, keep an eye on these startups as they continue to make waves in Nepal and beyond.