8 Apps To Help With House Plant Care

Gardening has always been a popular hobby, but with the help of technology, both beginner and experienced plant parents can find new ways to nurture their green spaces.

We have pulled together a list of 8 apps that can help turn any novice into a professional gardener.

Whether you’re looking to identify a new plant, keep on top of watering schedules, or connect with a community of fellow gardeners, there’s an app to meet your needs.

Let’s take a look…


1. PictureThis


PictureThis - Plant Identifier App | Plant Identification Online


Starting our list is PictureThis, a plant identifier app that combines the power of AI with the beauty of nature.

Perfect for identifying plants and diagnosing potential diseases, PictureThis is the easy way to understand your plants.

By snapping a photo and uploading it to the app, PictureThis’ AI will provide you with a ton of information, including care instructions, tips and tricks. This app is the perfect partner to help you expand your botanical knowledge.


2. Planta


Plant care app - Keep your plants alive | Planta


Planta is the perfect app for anyone who struggles to keep their plants alive. We’ve all been there, life gets in the way and suddenly your plant is no longer alive. It happens to the best of us.

Planta works by providing care schedules and reminders, including guys around where to place them, how often to water them and more.

Additionally, the app’s light meter helps you find the ideal location for each plant, helping it grow and thrive in the optimum environment.


3. Waterbot


Waterbot: Plants watering + Ga - Apps on Google Play


Waterbot is a free app designed to prevent the most common plant care killer: forgetting to water.

With bespoke reminders, Waterbot helps users track their plants and gives them personalised watering schedules and reminders. Not only does this help with under-watering, it can also help prevent over-watering – ensuring your plants stay healthy and hydrated.


4. GardenTags



GardenTags is an all in one app that allows users to manage their entire garden in one place.

GardenTags’ community-based approach is central to its success, leveraging advice and inspiration from its userbase to continue guiding other plant lovers.

Whether you’re facing a plant predicament or looking for inspiration, GardenTags is your one stop shop for all things green.


5. Seek by iNaturalist


Seek by iNaturalist - Apps on Google Play


For those interested in learning all about the nature around them, Seek by iNaturalist is an app that helps you learn on the go.

By identifying plants and animals through your phone’s camera, Seek is on a mission to give people greater knowledge about the world around them. Whilst the app might not be *only* for gardens, it can certainly help you find inspiration from Mother Nature herself.


6. GrowIt!


GrowIt! And MasterTag Partner To Enhance Plant Care Information On The GrowIt! App - Greenhouse Grower


GrowIt! is an app that guides you on your way to growing your own food.

Through features like the app’s planting calendar, which tells you when to plant your seed, to tips and tricks – it has everything you need to grow your own product at home.

Alongside its practical guidance around growing, GrowIt! also provides advice around common issues, potential diseases and more.

7. Garden Organizer


Icon image


Garden Organizer is the ultimate tool for a gardener who likes to plan.

It allows users to track the progress of their plants, set reminders for tasks, and document their gardening journey.

Through their wide list of plants, Garden Organizer gives growers everything they need to know for their produce to thrive.


8. Iris


Iris: garden advice and ideas on the App Store


Rounding off our list is Iris, a free app designed to help people grow, identify and care for their plants.

The app comes with identification software, monthly care advice and reminders, as well as access to a suite of ‘Plant Doctors’ who are able to diagnose any potential issues.

With community at its core, Iris is helping people get more green fingered and grow expert produce in the process.