8 Startups In Botswana To Keep An Eye On

Botswana, a country emerging as a hub of innovation in southern Africa, is home to a variety of startups that are supercharging it economically.

From agriculture to FinTech, these companies are not only growing nationally, but are also being noticed internationally.

Join us as we explore 8 startups in Botswana that we think are worth keeping an eye on…


1.KgweboKard – Business Directory


Kgwebokard | The #1 Business Card Directory In Botswana


KgweboKard is a business listing website that allows businesses to find the right partners, all in one place.

Through creating and browsing listings, companies are able to identify the right local companies to collaborate with, for free.

By fostering deeper connections between businesses in Botswana, KgweboKard is helping boost the economy nationwide.


2. Maungo Craft – Gourmet Sauce Production


Maungo Craft


Maungo Craft is turning heads in Botswana with its unique gourmet jams and sauces made from indigenous organic fruits.

By focusing on low-sugar recipes and exotic flavours native to the country, this startup is not only promoting local produce but is also giving people more healthy food choices.


3. TaslBom – Technology Payment Services


About Us


TaslBom helps businesses and consumers pre-pay for their airline, electricity, data and bills.

The company allows merchants to pay for everything in one place, allowing them to better manage their finances. Additionally, through pre-payment options, the company allows people to ensure they never run out of power or data.


4. Clauseph Biofuels – Alternative Energy


Clauseph BioFuels | LinkedIn


Clauseph is helping make Botswana’s more green by producing biofuels for cooking.

Their primary product is an energy efficient stove, which uses clean biomass fuel for cooking. This not only allows for more eco-friendly cooking, it also empowers local producers to invest in products that allow them to operate in a greener way.



5. Modisar – Agriculture Management Platform


Modisar, Inc.


Modisar is helping farmers with livestock management with its platform that tracks and manages their animal inventory.

By providing tools that track animals in real time, and providing reminders of key tasks to farmers, Modisar is allowing farmers to enhance their profitability using one simple tool.


6. Anton Tech – Data Driven Farming


Anton Tech - Affiliation with Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub | LinkedIn


Anton is revolutionising the farming sector with its tech solutions that allow for field mapping, treatment spraying through autonomous devices, and real-time animal and disease detection.

Through the power of tech, Anton is becoming a one stop shop for farmers, helping boost their income and contribute to the country’s economy.


7. Moneypot – Digital Skovel Platform


About MoneyPot - F6S Profile


Stokvels are groups of people that commit to contribute a fixed amount of money regularly for costs like businesses, schooling or debt support.

Moneypot helps regulate these widely used (but usually very under-regulated) Stokvel systems, through their digital platform. By helping pool savings digitally, the company is helping eliminate theft, store money more securely and provide clear transaction tracking.


8. Brastorne – Rural Connectivity Solutions


brastorne logo clear background


Brastorne is helping to empower rural and remote communities by providing mobile connectivity tech that enable access to the internet.

Their work has already helped connect over a million people across four African countries to the internet, and is vital in bridging the digital divide in rural Africa.