Are Virtual Events Here To Stay?

No-one is a stranger to the fact that virtual events have become the norm during the last few years. With the pandemic forcing people inside their own homes, companies and individuals alike have realised the potential of virtual events when they had no alternative. Virtual events have the ability to engage the audience just like an in-person event would but at the same time they allow the hosts ways to be creative and allow guests to enjoy themselves more than they might have done elsewhere.

Virtual events are very much here to stay; in-person events have slowly started to come back in the past few months but after realising how great a virtual corporate or private event could be, there is certainly going to continue to be a market for virtual events. The virtual events space is expected to have a 30% growth in the next 6 years with virtual events growing in popularity even before the pandemic. As we continue to have more and more employees working from home, the need for virtual events increases.

Here are some key reasons why virtual events are truly here to stay for the long term…

Virtual Events Are Truly Accessible

The most obvious reason why virtual events are going to continue to happen is because of their accessibility. Virtual events can be accessed by guests and hosts alike at any time and at any place.

Whether they are in a different country, at home or on the move, guests are able to come to your live event and participate. They can use their phones, tablets, computers and more to listen to your speakers or engage with breakout rooms. This means more people want to come and are likely to come. There are no restrictions on travel, no worries about logistics instead people feel more comfortable in their own homes and therefore are more engaged with the virtual event.

The virtual aspect of the event also means that you can have a larger event. You are not bound by physical realms of capacity and instead are able to have a bigger audience which will make for a better event.

Better Technology

Technology is constantly improving, there are more ways than ever to engage a virtual audience with your event. Whether you employ virtual reality, animation or live stream features, the realms of possibility with virtual events is larger than with in-person events. This technology is only going to get better and with things like augmented reality becoming more common, virtual events are starting to become more desirable than in-person events because of all the different immersive ways you can engage the audience.

Ability To Be Creative

Unlike in-person events where hosts are constantly thinking about the logistics of food, travel and more, virtual run events gives hosts the ability to be more creative. With more time to plan the actual activities during the event, there is a much larger scope for creativity during virtual events. Whether that be augmented reality shopping as YouTube have recently introduced or features on live streams including polling and chatting, there is so much more room with virtual events to be creative.

Organisations are continually improving the art of the virtual event and this will only continue over the next few years cementing virtual and hybrid events as pillars of the events space.

Cost Effective

Virtual events are here to stay because there are cost effective. They do not cost as much to run as in-person events and they are easier to run. Individuals and brands are going to continue to use virtual run events instead of in-person events in the future because they convenient but also in many ways better and more engaging.

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