Beth Kume-Holland, Founder of Patchwork Hub

Company: Patchwork Hub


Business: A multi-faceted platform combining remote working and accessibility into one.


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About Beth Kume-Holland

The tech startup and social enterprise is run by Beth Kume-Holland who founded the business in early 2019 while at Harvard Graduate school. Now the platform is enabling a hidden talent pool, from people with disabilities through to carers and parents, to find employment.

Beth first started the business because of her own experience of trying to find and stay in work with a disability and chronic health conditions, as well as her experiences in her disability advocacy work, where she realised how many millions were missing from employment because they couldn’t work 9 to 5 in an office.

Beth was recently shortlisted for Shaw Trust’s Disability Power 100 as one of the 100 most influential disabled people in the UK.


About Patchwork Hub

Patchwork Hub is the first company to combine remote working and accessibility into one multi-faceted platform, suitable for disabled and non-disabled users, and in turn improving disability inclusion and attitudes and awareness of the barriers faced by disabled people in finding employment.

For too long, the only accessible solutions have been disability-specific job sites, there are fears among some jobseekers of ‘othering’ disabled people and companies simply tick-boxing. Patchwork Hub is building a platform fit for the future, where disabled people are integrated into the future of work, front and centre of the change.

Patchwork Hub is scaling fast. They were the highest-ranked startup in Europe at the Global Inclusion Forum and won the London Regional Finals of the UK’s premier startup competition.


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