Bieber Fever: 10 Apps Helping Soon-To-Be And New Parents

Pop star Justin Bieber and wife Hailey announced they’re expecting their first child on Instagram. Hailey flaunted her baby bump in a white lace dress alongside Justin, and although no caption accompanied the announcement, the post gained over 1.8 million likes within an hour. The couple, married since 2018, hinted at a vow renewal ceremony in New York and the joyful news spreads as fans eagerly await updates.

Parenthood is undeniably one of life’s most precious yet daunting journeys. The experience is filled with joy, love, and unforgettable moments, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges and uncertainties. From sleepless nights to navigating the challenge of childcare, being a parent requires patience, resilience, and support.

That’s why we’re excited to delve into ten apps designed to make the journey of parenthood a little smoother and more manageable.


10 Apps For Soon-To-Be And New Parents


1. Ovia Health




Ovia Health provides personalised, data-driven solutions for individuals and families navigating reproductive health, pregnancy, and parenting. With three apps tailored to various stages of the parenting journey, Ovia offers cycle tracking, pregnancy monitoring, and childcare insights.

Available through health plans and employers, Ovia Health provides on-demand health coaching services, customised experiences, and 1-to-1 support from family health experts. Backed by scientific research and user testimonials, Ovia helps users make informed decisions and feel supported every step of the way.


2. Baby Feed Timer




Baby Feed Timer is a comprehensive breastfeeding and baby tracking app developed by a husband and wife team who experienced the challenges of parenthood firsthand. With a focus on usability, the app helps parents track feeding, sleeping, diaper changes, and more, all in one place.

It offers simple, quick, and easy-to-use features, making it indispensable for night feeds and daily routines. Recommended by healthcare professionals and praised by parents worldwide, Baby Feed Timer aims to make the precious time with your baby a little bit easier.


3. Bubble




Bubble is a platform that simplifies childcare for parents and caregivers. With just three steps – posting a job, choosing a sitter, and paying seamlessly – parents can find trusted childcare quickly. Bubble’s community includes over 30,000 sitters, backed by rigorous background checks and references.

Whether it’s for a night out or backup care, Bubble ensures peace of mind for parents and a rewarding experience for sitters. Trusted by thousands, Bubble makes finding quality childcare hassle-free.


4. Baby Buddy


baby buddy


Baby Buddy is an award-winning pregnancy and parenting app designed to support mums, dads, and caregivers through the journey from pregnancy to the baby’s first year. It offers trusted information on pregnancy, birth, and parenting choices, helping users become confident parents.

With daily updates, over 300 parenting videos, and NHS-backed articles, Baby Buddy nurtures healthy relationships and supports physical and mental well-being. Free to use and ad-free, it’s a valuable resource for all parents, endorsed by leading health organisations.



5. Baby2Body


Baby2Body is a comprehensive resource for fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum support. With personalised wellness plans, safe workouts, nutrition guidance, and insights into baby development, it’s a go-to for soon-to-be and new parents. Featuring Bella, an AI coach backed by experts, users get 24/7 support tailored to their stage.

From fertility treatments to breastfeeding advice, Baby2Body covers all aspects of motherhood, providing trusted guidance and a supportive community.


6. GentleBirth




GentleBirth offers soon-to-be parents a supportive and empowering approach to pregnancy and childbirth. Tracy Donegan, a midwife, created the app to ease the fear and stress many women feel about labour.

With daily brain training sessions including mindfulness and hypnobirthing, positive birth stories, and a community forum, GentleBirth helps users cultivate a positive mindset and find their inner strength. It’s a valuable resource for navigating the journey to parenthood with confidence and optimism.


7. Mush


Mush is a free Android app designed for mums, offering a supportive community and valuable resources. It connects like-minded mums locally and across the UK, facilitating chats, meet-ups, and sharing of advice and tips. Whether you’re a new or experienced mum, Mush helps you stay informed about local events, parenting tips, and more.

With features like private groups for pregnant mums and messaging, it fosters connections and makes parenting a little easier.


8. Cloud Baby Monitor




Cloud Baby Monitor offers an unlimited range video baby monitor, turning your devices into reliable tools for keeping an eye on your baby. With crystal clear audio and live video, it ensures you’re always connected. Supported on various devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch, it’s versatile and easy to use.

Features like noise and motion alerts, lullabies, and two-way video talk make it indispensable for soon-to-be or new parents, providing peace of mind and convenience.

9. The Wonder Weeks



The Wonder Weeks app is a valuable resource for parents, offering insights into their baby’s developmental leaps. With features like personalised leap charts, developmental milestone tracking, and over 400 skills to explore, it helps parents understand and support their baby’s growth.

The app also includes 77 games to stimulate development and a sleep package with a baby monitor and soothing sounds.


10. Sound Sleeper




Sound Sleeper offers science-based sound patterns that effectively soothe babies to sleep. Developed by a musician and physicist couple, the app provides calming sounds for babies while being enjoyable for adults.

With over 6 million downloads and featured in various media outlets, including endorsements from celebrities like Cheryl Tweedy, Sound Sleeper has become a go-to solution for sleep-deprived parents worldwide.