How To Boost Your Mobile Signal in The Countryside

All people want to breathe fresh air and, at least for a while, get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend time outside the city. However, when receiving such advantages, one does not want to give up things without which it is difficult to imagine the life of a modern person. Mobile signal is usually very weak in rural areas, but Vodafone phone signal booster can solve this problem forever.

Indeed, not being able to call on a mobile phone is unlikely to make you feel comfortable. However, unfortunately, such a prospect is quite real if the house is built far from the centres of civilisation.

There is nothing surprising in this, mobile operators place their base stations in places of population concentration and do not seek to cover all the meadows and fields of the countryside with their signal.

People typically start to think about such things as communication and the Internet in the last place, precisely at the moment when the house is rebuilt and they are going to live in it. Well, it’s better late than never and services such as UCtel are responsible for solving these problems.

In order to improve coverage outside the city (increase the level of the mobile signal), it is necessary to install an amplification system.  Such a system consists of several parts:

  • An antenna that receives a signal from a base station
  • A GSM repeater
  • Internal antenna, which distributes an amplified signal around the room

How Can I Choose The Right Booster?

Depending on the number of floors and the distance from the base station, the central element of the system – a GSM repeater is selected. As a rule, GSM repeaters operating in the 900 MHz range can be successfully used outside the city. At this frequency, it is much easier to achieve good coverage compared to the 1800 MHz range.

If the house consists of several floors, then to increase the coverage of mobile communication, it is necessary to use amplifiers of medium power. Through the splitter, the signal is sent to the antennas installed on different floors.

One way or another, the beginning of any such work on the installation of a repeater is the testing stage, which determines at what level the signal can be received from the base station, which channels can be amplified, which operators and in which frequency range.

The more operators need to be strengthened, the more difficult the task is for the engineer to mount and configure the system. Base stations of operators can be territorially separated and it is necessary to ensure that the amplified GSM signal of each operator is approximately at the same level.

If there is a need to improve the coverage not only inside the room, but also on the outside of the building, on the street, the task becomes even more difficult. Since it is necessary to avoid reradiation of the external directional antenna to the internal ones, part of which, in this case, is also installed on the street.

A good specialist or service, such as UCtel, can handle all these difficulties. If you turn to professionals, the coverage of mobile communications will return to you quickly, and the installed equipment will work efficiently and for a long time.

Today, due to the shortage and the high cost of rent, many businesses and offices are located in basements or semi-basements. Beauty salons, restaurants, shops feel great there, if, of course, this convenience is not spoiled by the lack of mobile phone coverage.

This happens quite often in basement-type rooms for completely natural reasons. The lower we are in relation to the operator’s base station, the worse the GSM signal reaches us. In the conditions of the city, this is especially noticeable, since the mobile signal encounters many obstacles on its way, and after passing through the nooks and crannies of urban buildings, it is often reflected and weakened many times.

What can we say, if the room is also practically underground or just below its level on the so-called basement floor. All this makes life difficult for customers who visit a restaurant or an office in which there is no GSM signal, as well as for the staff working there.

For normal correction of the situation, Vodafone phone signal boosters are used, which allow to reproduce the lost coverage of mobile communications. Such amplifiers of the cellular signal are installed inside the basement (semi-basement) and receive a signal from base stations received with the help of an external GSM antenna.

At the output of the repeater, we receive an amplified GSM signal, which is already fed to the internal antennas, which spread coverage on a given area.

Should I Install a Repeater?

In addition to providing the room with a stable cellular connection, the repeater kit reduces the level of harmful radiation from cell phones and other mobile devices. It is known that the mobile phone itself is a source of electromagnetic radiation. The weaker the incoming signal from the base station, the stronger the phone begins to emit, trying to maintain contact with the cell operator’s tower.

It is worth noting that the radiation level in conditions of poor reception can reach 1.5-2 W, while the most powerful repeater has a radiation power of no more than 0.2 W for each frequency range, that is, 10 times lower.

After installing the communication amplification kit, mobile devices find themselves in favourable signal reception conditions and reduce the level of their own radiation. It decreases tenfold and does not exceed 0.02 W. It is not difficult to calculate that the total radiation level of the system will be much lower than the initial level, when the phone was working at maximum power while searching for a network.

In addition, you need to understand that during a conversation, we hold the phone in close proximity to our head, and the repeater antenna is several meters away. Electromagnetic influence significantly decreases with increasing distance from the source of EM waves.

From the above, it can be concluded that the communication enhancement kit reduces the negative impact of the cell phone and other mobile devices.


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