How Business Broadband Can Level-Up Online Gaming


Gaming research reveals that 60% of adults in the UK aged 16 and above play online games. In stark contrast, 91% of those between the ages of 3 and 15 in the UK play online games in some form. Evidently, online gaming is and will continue to be a large part of the UK’s everyday life.

But, those who are actively using broadband continue to experience poor connectivity. In fact, in the Spring of 2022, Ofcom revealed that 506,000 internet users (both commercial and residential) are still only experiencing “decent” broadband. With online gaming continuing to rise and broadband connectivity still an ongoing issue for the UK, it is clear that there is no better time for gamers to consider their broadband providers. More specifically, let’s explore how business broadband could benefit avid gamers. 

Home Broadband Vs Business Broadband: What are the key differences?


The major difference between home and business broadband is that the latter offers higher speed. More specifically, home broadband providers across the UK only receive an average speed of 51.48 Mbps – which, makes the UK rank only at position 48 worldwide. In comparison, business broadband enables internet users to access speeds up to 2 to 5 times faster than residential broadband. 

Another key difference between home and business broadband is its reliability. Home broadband is more likely to lose its connection and customer support is only available during office opening hours. Conversely, business broadband providers often provide 24/7 support. What’s more, business broadband is always prioritised before home broadband in the vent of an outage. 

How Business Broadband Can Improve Online Gaming


Although business is in the name, business broadband is increasingly popular for home use. For instance, those working from home often opt for business broadband packages because internet speeds are faster and more reliable.

In turn, helping increase productivity. Likewise, business broadband is beneficial if you want to improve your internet connectivity at home. So, how can business broadband level-up online gaming? Take a look below. 

Faster Streaming 

It is an indisputable fact that business broadband offers faster download and upload speeds than home broadband. This could be particularly beneficial for gamers that want to experience faster gameplay. Namely, faster loading times, reduced lag and improved connectivity when streaming and communicating with other players. 

Better Bandwidth 

Business broadband does not only offer faster internet speeds but also increased bandwidth. Bandwidth, in short, is the amount of data transmissible via the internet in a set amount of time. The more bandwidth, the more data can be transmitted. For avid online gamers, this means no need to worry about data usage. 

This could provide particularly useful for competitive online gamers that frequently participate in online tournaments. 

Lower Risk of Latency

Latency is likely another major issue for many gamers using home broadband. Latency simply means there is a lag in gameplay. For example, the time for a data packet to travel from one to another. In the context of gaming, this could mean the time it takes to travel from one gamer’s computer, to a server and back. The higher the latency, the more likely gamers are to experience delays and poor gameplay experience. 

However, business broadband comes with lower latency than home broadband. Clearly, another reason for serious online gamers to consider making the switch to business broadband. While the price of business broadband tends to be higher than home broadband, it might be more cost-effective and beneficial in the long run.