James Dunthorne, CEO & Co-Founder of Neuron Innovations

Company: Neuron Innovations

Website: https://www.neuron.world/

Business: Their flagship product provides drone systems with connectivity to ground based, aircraft tracking sensors.


Neuron Innovations Logo


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About James Dunthorne

James is Neuron’s co-founder and CEO, alongside fellow co-founders Niall and Aleks. James studied Aeronautical Engineering at Loughborough University, and served on committee for the University gliding club. His career really started to lift off when he was offered a summer placement in Loughborough’s centre for autonomous systems, studying drones, and later went on to study a drone related PhD in drones. 

James led a team within a large surveying company to develop the world’s first drone used to carry out high accuracy drone surveys, saving the rail companies £10’s millions. He later set up a consultancy, and his current company Neuron Innovations, where his love for blockchain technology crashed into the drone world. 

In his spare time, James likes playing football for Stonewall FC, the world’s longest running LGBT football club, and manages a 7-a-side football game on a Monday night.



About Neuron Innovations

Neuron Innovations is one of London’s most exciting blockchain start-ups. Founded in 2019, Neuron has grown to a team of 11 experts, with a further 7 hires expected later in 2022 upon closing of its funding round.

Neuron provides trustless data environments that allows people and businesses to sell their sensor or vehicle data to others in the Neuron network. Neuron uses blockchain technology in order to provide an audit trail of all data transactions, and to provide incentive payments to users.

Its flagship product provides drone systems with connectivity to ground based, aircraft tracking sensors, so that they can build up a picture of all air traffic movements, and safely manage conflicts between drones and aircraft.

These innovations are critical to enabling services such as Amazon prime air drone deliveries, and medical deliveries between hospitals, and the company hopes to connect weather sensors, and road vehicles in due course.


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