Jules Goldberg, Founder & CEO of Sleepwave

Company: Sleepwave

Website: https://sleepwave.com/

Business: A new motion-sensing sleep tracker, smart alarm and relaxation app.


Sleepwave logo


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About Jules Goldberg

Jules is the creator of Sleepwave, leading the development of its technology and design. With interests in physics and philosophy, Jules is passionate about creating products that enhance people’s lives.

His vision for Sleepwave was to create a beautiful, intuitive and non-judgemental app to help people understand their sleep, start their days better and relax in new ways.


About Sleepwave

Sleepwave is a new motion-sensing sleep tracker, smart alarm and relaxation app that wakes users up feeling fresh. It has been developed by the creators of SnoreLab, a top-rated health app that has helped millions of people with their sleep and snoring problems.

Sleepwave’s technology transforms your phone into a contactless motion sensor enabling accurate sleep tracking from beside your bed. The app transmits an inaudible tone from your phone’s speaker and listens to reflections caused by movements using the microphone.


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