Meet Spike: The Platform Unifying Tasks, Messages, and Team Collaborations


Spike helps teams and individuals to send messages, collaborate more, and optimise productivity. Spike overshadows the phrase “email application”, by offering a combination of features found in instant messaging applications like WhatsApp and Telegram and email providers like Gmail and Outlook. Users can access calendars, take notes, and create groups for team meetings with Spike. Spike is improving communication for all.

Revolutionising Communication with Ingenuity

Long before instant messaging apps went mainstream, people utilised emails for either personal or work-based communications. In today’s world, people have tilted to mobile messaging solutions, particularly because of the chat-like interfaces and personalised experiences. Despite the strong followership that instant messaging sites like WhatsApp, WeChat, and Facebook Messenger currently enjoy, people still gravitate towards emails.

A recent report accentuates the relevance of emails, with four billion email users from various platforms recorded in 2020. Additionally, the report projects an increase of that figure by six hundred million users in 2025. Spike targets the individuals and organisations that have grown tired of the traditional email providers’ offerings. The application allows users to access their work and personal email accounts in one inbox.

Aside from integrating multiple email accounts in one place, Spike offers a smarter way for people to converse and collaborate. While Slack is a top destination for teams seeking to collaborate, send messages, and hold integrated video meetings within the application, Spike provides extra features like easy exterior communication, a priority inbox that collects only important messages, and integrated notes.


Offering Value Through Innovation

In 2020, companies across several industries embraced the possibilities of remote work. This provoked an increased number of messages and team meetings hosted by email platforms, mobile messaging applications, and video conferencing platforms. Although the concept of work underwent a significant face-lift, workers are always exploring new ways to increase productivity.

Spike seems to be filling that gap, with Spike CEO and Co-Founder Dvir Ben-Aroya claiming that Spike is reengineering the way people communicate over email and in general. According to Ben-Aroya, an Israeli, the average worker has to utilise several applications for daily collaboration, a habit that he believes should no longer exist. “Although email was invented twenty years ago, not much has been done to change the system”, he remarks.

Spike offers a conversational email feature that blends email and messaging functions that users can leverage to improve their workflow management. Instead of confronting an endless wave of email threads, Spike categorises messages in a people-first manner. This eliminates the stiffness that accompanied traditional email layouts. Users can communicate freely, and create or share collective notes that can be updated in real-time.


Challenging the Norms

Spike has continued to revamp its features, emphasising the need for forward-thinking companies to modify their service delivery. The world will always evolve, and companies must take risks to achieve a positive outcome. Spike, according to Ben-Aroya, is “disrupting the market and making communication much more modern, much more fun, and much more human.”

Spike isn’t afraid to tackle industry giants like Gmail and Outlook with features that improve efficiency and message response rates. Aside from having virtual meetings, teams can collaborate on projects from the start phase to completion. This enables teams to build synergy and work smarter with a higher success rate. Also, user data is secure on Spike, with Ben-Aroya stressing that Spike would never compromise the personal details of users.


Be Willing to Evolve

Ben-Aroya built Spike alongside fellow Israeli and Co-Founder, Erez Pilosof, for users to reap the full benefits of email and instant messaging in one application.

Having convinced enterprise decision-makers like Micha Kaufman, CEO at Fiverr and DMC, a debt collection company headquartered in South Africa, of its proactive features, Spike has increased usability and retention. Ben-Aroya claims that Spike will continue updating its features to win over more users. With the company’s sights set on being the number one email messaging and collaboration provider, Spike demonstrates that risk almost always yields a reward.


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