Ola Oyetayo, Co-Founder & CEO of Verto

Company: Verto

Website: https://www.vertofx.com/

Business: B2B Cross-Border Payment Provider


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About Ola Oyetayo

Ola said: “In 2017, I found an opportunity to set up an online remittance company to help individuals within the UK, particularly residents with families back in Nigeria, send money back home. At the same time, my friend Anthony was launching a prop-tech company and starting his MBA. Coincidentally they both decided to quit their respective jobs to pursue their new ventures.

It was around the same time that, over a regular game of poker, I spoke to Anthony about all the issues he’d seen with paying suppliers abroad, especially in emerging markets.

This led to Anthony suggesting we build a marketplace solution that could solve problems concerning a lack of liquidity, long settlement periods and high transaction fees. This is what gave life to Verto FX, a platform that has changed the way businesses across the globe transfer money.”


About Verto

Verto is a single destination platform that enables businesses to make cost-effective cross-border and domestic payments quickly and securely worldwide. They are a start-up, backed by the YCombinator, that is committed to solving the fragmented landscape of cross border payments in emerging market economies.

Verto addresses the multitude of challenges businesses in these emerging markets face, such as a lack of foreign exchange liquidity, poor access to competitive foreign exchange rates, and the inability to move funds quickly and securely without incurring excessive transaction fees. Verto ultimately wants to become the go-to platform for businesses in emerging market economies, which is why they are always working on various products to continue to deliver their mission to build “modern banking” solutions for all businesses around the world.


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