Olya Caliujnaia, CEO & Co-Founder of Sanlo

Company: Sanlo

Website: https://www.sanlo.io/

Business: Providing a full suite of fintech tools that cater to game and app developers specifically.


Sanlo logo


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About Olya Caliujnaia

Olya Caliujnaia is the CEO and Co-founder of Sanlo, a San Francisco-based fintech company that enables game and app developers to scale by providing them with financial tools, technology and insights, as well as transparent financing with no ownership (in contrast to VCs), and creative dilution (in contrast to publishers).

Olya has extensive experience as a builder and operator within fintech and gaming, having previously worked in lending and wealth management, as well as product management and consultancy at SigFig and EA.


About Sanlo

Sanlo reimagines the financial products that empower developers and has recently expanded its pool of capital to $200M. The company provides a much-needed developer-centric alternative to established options like VC, publisher, and bank financing by providing a full suite of fintech tools that cater to game and app developers specifically.

Developers of all sizes can use Sanlo’s comprehensive suite of fintech tools as a financial dashboard to choose whether to expand, which areas of the business to invest in, and how much capital is required.


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