12 Popular Uses of Solar Power

Solar energy is all around us and has been used for centuries, drying textiles and foods. The sun, the life source of our planet, provides us with valuable solar energy that serves diverse purposes. This energy, comprising light and heat, can be harnessed for various activities, including fostering photosynthesis in plants, generating electricity through photovoltaic (PV) cells, and heating water and food.

Now, let’s check out solar energy and look at the tools often used with it. We’ll also explore 15 everyday ways we use solar power.


What is the Most Common Solar Energy Used?


Solar power has gained popularity as a means of supplying energy to lighting systems that activate post-sunset. From streetlights to garden lamps, solar power ensures the energy required to illuminate the night. These lights incorporate batteries charged during daylight as solar cells capture sunlight. At night, a photoresistor senses the absence of light, prompting a circuit board to initiate battery discharge, powering efficient and bright LED lights.


1. Solar Electricity 


This use of solar energy has become more popular in recent years, both in regards to solar panels for landlords as well as others. As the cost of solar panels decreases and more people recognise the financial and environmental advantages of solar energy, solar electricity is becoming more widely available. Typically, technicians install a distributed solar PV system on the roofs of homes or businesses. These systems generate electricity to reduce the property owner’s consumption and send any surplus power to the electric grid.


2. Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar water heating technology provides a cost-effective alternative for heating water, utilising energy from the sun. It easily reaches temperatures between 60-80°C, making it an efficient choice. Solar water heaters, ranging from 100 to 300 litres, are well-suited for domestic use, while larger systems can be employed in diverse commercial settings, including hotels, restaurants and more. 


3. Solar Batteries


Solar batteries are becoming more adaptable to the daily lives of many. These batteries allow you to harness solar energy even after the sun sets, meaning that you will have reliable energy during an emergency.

If considering going off-grid and using a solar battery, consideration for a solar home power system includes factors like your daily energy consumption, the sunlight availability in your area, the efficiency of your panels, and the storage capacity of your battery


4. Solar Heating For Pools

Another use of solar energy is heating swimming pools. These systems circulate water to a collector, where sunlight warms it and then the heated water is then pumped back into the pool.


5. Solar-Powered Security Lighting


Solar lighting fixtures have become highly dependable, making them an excellent choice for home security lighting. The batteries linked to solar security lights usually store enough energy to last through the night. This is particularly effective with motion-sensor options, ensuring stored energy is reserved for critical moments.

6. Solar-Driven Pumps


Certain heating systems mentioned earlier utilise a pump for water circulation, drawing power from your home’s electricity. Naturally, these pumps consume energy, counteracting the energy savings you aim for when installing a solar-powered system.


7. Bluetooth Speakers


Experience the convenience of solar technology with portable Bluetooth speakers. Functioning like your usual wireless speakers, these stand out as they can be charged without electricity, thanks to their built-in solar panels. Ideal for those who love spending time outdoors or on the go, such as camping or travelling.


8. Christmas Lights


Make your holidays even merrier with solar-powered gadgets like Christmas lights. Save on electricity costs during this budget-sensitive time of year, ensuring festive cheer without the added expense.

9. Solar Torches and Lanterns


Prepare for power outages or nighttime adventures with solar-powered flashlights or lanterns. Optimal for emergencies, the best options can last up to 30 hours when fully charged, providing reliable illumination when needed most.


10. Solar-Powered Bins


Experience the fusion of technology aT6GFGV ZSS B Dand waste management with solar-powered Wi-Fi garbage bins. Found in various global locations, these bins come equipped with built-in solar panels, generating energy to provide Wi-Fi hotspots. Passersby can conveniently access Wi-Fi while on the move, making these bins a smart and eco-friendly solution.


11. Solar Watches


Dealing with watch batteries can be a hassle, but this is especially true for watches. Who keeps spare watch batteries lying around? Solar-powered watches are not only environmentally friendly but also durable, gaining popularity rapidly. With an increasing number of watch brands embracing solar technology, you now have a wide array of styles to choose from, spanning casual, dressy, to sporty options.


12. Solar Carports For EV Vehicles


While it’s possible to charge your electric vehicle (EV) using an already installed rooftop solar system, some homeowners are opting to build dedicated solar carports for this purpose. An additional advantage of these structures is that they protect your EV, safeguarding both the vehicle and your investment from the elements.