Tanuvi Ethunandan, Co-Founder & CEO at Data Duopoly

Company: Data Duopoly

Website: https://www.dataduopoly.com/

Business: Visitor flow management products and footfall trackers that show where your visitors are on-site in real time, disperse crowds to quieter areas and can prevent bottlenecks before they occur.


data duopoly


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About Tanuvi Ethunandan

Tanuvi is a co-founder of Data Duopoly alongside Erin Morris, and CEO.

Tanuvi commented that “Having two non-technical founders was a challenge, however we saw this as a hidden advantage, because we approached problems driven by the best possible user experience, and then sought tech to make this happen, rather than thinking of the easiest technical solution.

We managed to onboard technical advisors who helped us with our strategy and worked with some fantastic contractors. Just as we were ready to go to market, Covid hit. As many businesses, we had to quickly adapt. We embraced remote working, and saw potential to use our technology to help venues understand visitor movements on a much wider scale and specifically in universities.”



About Data Duopoly

Data Duopoly was started by Tanuvi and co-founder Erin Morris in 2019, with a mission to revolutionise the visitor experience in any venue worldwide. The idea for Data Duopoly was formed when they were frustrated with the queues and bottlenecks at visitor attractions, due to the uninformative, lacklustre and environmentally unfriendly paper maps.

During Covid-19 Data Duopoly secured their first paying client the National Trust Cornish Tin Coast partnership which kickstarted their growth plans. Data Duopoly then closed their £250k seed round which was backed by the European Space Agency, Aerospace Cornwall and angels, which enabled them to triple their team. From there, they secured a pilot with Falmouth University to help students and staff return to campus safely.


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