5 Food Startups That Changed The World

In a recent interview with BBC, restaurateur and Nobel Peace Prize-nominated chef José Andrés talks about the power of food and how it can be a force for good.

This prompted us to think about the impact of food startups, not just economically, but also through sustainability and accessibility.

According to Global Market Insights, The food technology market size crossed USD 181.3 billion in 2022 and is estimated to grow at over 8% CAGR from 2023 to 2032. But why is the sector so booming?


The Surge of Food Startups


With consumers prioritising products that are more sustainable, healthy and convenient, entrepreneurs have caught onto how lucrative food development can be.

These startups not only reshape what we eat, but also how we think about food. Traditionally, they blend technology, science, and taste to create products that are more healthy, delicious and environmentally friendly than alternatives.

As consumers become more aware of food’s impact on their health and the planet, it’s no surprise that plant-based and sustainably sourced foods are leading the innovation charge.


5 Food Startups That Revolutionised The Sector


Over the past decade, hundreds of companies have popped up trying to redefine the future of food. Their products, ranging from meat and dairy alternatives to healthier options have not only made a great impact economically, but also socially.

Each of these startups has its unique story of challenging the status quo. Here, we take a look at five  food startups that reshaped industries globally.


Beyond Meat


Beyond Meat supports the American Cancer Society | American Cancer Society


Founded in 2009 by Ethan Brown, Beyond Meat has transformed the food industry with its plant-based meat products designed to imitate real meat’s texture and taste. Recently rolled out by McDonald’s across their menu, the startup has gone from strength to strength and become a household name.

By providing a product that answers the growing demand for sustainable and ethical food choices, Beyond Meat’s IPO peaked its valuation, reaching a huge $9.44 billion by mid-2021.



Impossible Foods


File:Impossible Foods logo.svg - Wikipedia


Launched in 2011 by Patrick O. Brown, Impossible Foods broken new ground with the Impossible Burger, known for its meat-like taste and texture.

Similar to Beyond Meat, the product helps satisfy meat-lovers with a plant-based alternative, helping reduce reliance on animal farming. Valued at a huge $7 billion, Impossible Foods is transforming the food space globally.




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Swedish company Oatly, which started back in 1994, innovated the dairy industry with its oat-based milk products. Finding a way to reduce reliance on animal milk, the company has evolved to produce a range of products.

Oatly’s commitment to sustainability helped it reach a valuation of $13 billion following its IPO, solidifying it as a global giant in the food industry.


Hampton Creek (now Eat Just)


Eat Just, Inc. | LinkedIn


Known initially for its Just Mayo, Hampton Creek expanded into a range of plant-based food alternatives, focusing on sustainability and health.

Valued at $1.2 billion after its most recent fundraising round, the company has continued to grow since its inception, creating a huge range of cruelty-free products from cookies to scrambled eggs.


Ripple Foods


Ripple Foods


Founded by Adam Lowry and Neil Renninger, Ripple Foods jumped onto the food scene with pea-protein based milk, offering a nutritious alternative to dairy and almond milk. Valued between £500M and $1BN, the company has continued to show its commitment to both wellbeing and the environment.