Combining Technology & Spirituality: The Rise Of Mystical Apps

According to a survey by YouGov, a quarter of Brits (27%) say they believe in ‘a god’. A further one in six believe in the existence of ‘a higher spiritual power’.

As the world becomes more technologically advanced, apps are not only designed to help us manage our everyday lives in the physical realm – but also in the spiritual one.

In fact, with more people moving towards atheistic beliefs, a whole range apps are popping up to help people stay in touch with their spirituality.

According to stats by MysticMag, the psychic services market, which includes astrology, tarot reading, and mediumship among others has been experiencing real growth. From 2005 to 2021, the market saw a 52% increase in the U.S. and is on track to reach between $2.3 billion to $2.4 billion by the end of 2024.


What Is Modern Mysticism?


Modern Mysticism is the mix of ancient spiritual practices with modern life. For most people, mysticism helps them connect with their surroundings on a more spiritual level, whether that’s through energy alignment, communicating with spirits or looking for signs about the future.

Traditionally, these practices are explored through a variety of mediums, including meditation, yoga, tarot, astrology, crystals and more.

Ultimately for many, mysticism allows them to focus on self-discovery and healing, without conforming to specific religious beliefs.


What Do Mystical Apps Do?


In general, mystical apps mirror a lot of actions that regular spiritual-based activities cover. For example, tarot apps may offer detailed explanations of card meanings and daily readings, while astrology apps can generate personalised horoscopes based on specific celestial data.

The aim of these apps can range from providing educational content about spiritual practices to interactive features that mirror spiritual experiences like séances or energy work.

Ultimately, whether it’s digitising the ancient art of tarot reading, creating digital ouija boards, tracking planet and moon positions or helping with mindfulness, there’s an app designed to help you on your spiritual journey.

Let’s take a look at some, shall we?








This app is designed for those who are looking for daily rituals, meditations, wisdom, divination and astrology.

Saged offers daily card readings, workshops and ritual boxes, helping users explore topics like meditation, crystals, astrology, and more.

It’s the perfect platform for those looking to deepen their spiritual practice as well as meeting like-minded people.​




Co–Star Personalized Astrology on the App Store


This astrology app provides personal horoscope readings based on real-time planetary positions.

Using NASA data coupled with professional astrologers, the company generates personal readings to every user.

It’s the perfect app for those who have an interest in how celestial bodies influence their daily lives and relationships, whilst also allowing them to track the readings of friends and family.




Blooming: Spirituality on the App Store


Ideal for beginners, Blooming introduces basic spiritual guidelines called ‘Blooms’ for users to follow every day.

It features a number of things such as affirmations, educational videos on topics like chakras, and even allows users to journal their thoughts on a daily basis.​


Mysterious Tarot


Mysterious Tarot – Apps on Google Play


This app offers an AI tarot reader, providing personal readings through artificial intelligence.

Users are able to ask a question and then generate a reading, with audible snippets to make the experience more realistic.


Spirit & Witch Board Simulator


Icon image


This digital ouija board app allows users to create a séance experience, using only their phones.

Users can input questions vocally and then wait for an answer! It’s designed to mimic traditional ouija board sessions, and can even be used in a group setting.


Stone and Crystals


Icon image


This app is a one stop shop for learning about the spiritual properties of crystals, stones and minerals.

It includes a full crystal guide and offers insights into each crystal’s spiritual significance, allowing users to choose the best one for work or home.